Inter-Island Car Shipping Hawaii

Inter island car shipping hawaii

Whether you’re moving to a new island location for an extended vacation or an exciting business opportunity, traveling around the islands with your own vehicle can be extremely helpful and convenient.

Local island residents shopping for a vehicle on Oahu or shipping from elsewhere on the Hawaiian islands benefit from safe and secure inter-island Hawaii auto transport services. Requesting a car shipment from port-to-port or door-to-door is easy, convenient, and affordable.

Save money by driving and picking up your vehicle at the nearest port; or save time and energy with pickup and delivery services to your preferred island destination.

What Is Inter-Island Car Shipping?

When shipping your car to the island, Hawaii auto transport services can deliver it to the closest port from the mainland. You can then drive it to your new home on the island. However, this may be inconvenient and requires more effort on your part.

Therefore, some people choose to use inter-island shipping services to move their cars directly to their new address. By doing this, they save the time and energy it takes to visit the nearest port and pick up their vehicle.

One downside is that transport services will need a truck to deliver your car to your doorstep, so it might cost more than port shipping.

Interisland Car Shipping Hawaii

Why Inter-Island Car Shipping Hawaii?

Many people prefer inter-island shipping to pick up their vehicles at the port. For some people, picking up a vehicle and driving it home is not possible due to time constraints. For others, it is a logistical issue.

In some cases, it is more cost-effective to have the car delivered to your location rather than driving out to the port without a personal vehicle.

Is Inter-Island Car Shipping Hawaii More Expensive?

You should consider the cost differential before shipping your vehicle to port or using an inter-island shipping service. Top-rated auto transport companies typically offer both port and inter-island car shipping services for Hawaii, but the fees will vary.

Shipping cars between Hawaii’s islands are more expensive because of the additional labor needed to load and unload the car, additional fuel usage, and the required use of a truck to finish the trip. Although inter-island car shipping can be expensive, there are affordable options. Below are a few tips to help you out.

  • Large vs Small Carriers: With Hawaii car transport services, you have two options – a large ship carrying many other cars or a smaller boat with just a few cars.  Larger carriers are usually more affordable on a per-vehicle basis than smaller carriers.
  • Closed vs Open Carriers: A closed or open carrier is also something to consider. Open carriers are generally less expensive than closed carriers. Open carriers tend to hold more cars, as well as be lighter, which results in lower costs for fuel.
  • Time or Season: A second factor to consider is when to ship your car to Hawaii. In Hawaii, car shipping services are typically busier during the summer than during the winter. This is why Hawaii car transport during the summer may be more expensive than in the winter, even though December is usually Hawaii’s busiest month.
  • Vehicle Type and Size: It’s recommended, before booking a shipping date, to check if your car qualifies for the cheapest, most standard rates with your preferred shipping company. The larger the vehicle, the higher the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii. The same goes for the type of vehicle you drive.

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How Long Does Inter-Island Car Shipping Take?

Shipping between islands can take longer because, once the car arrives in port, it must be packaged and shipped out again to the destination further away. For an accurate estimate for inter-island shipping, it is necessary to speak with the car shipping company that will do the work and find out from them when the vehicle will arrive.

If you are looking for inter-island car shipping to Hawaii, AutoStar Transport Express is the company you should call. Use our easy quote form to receive a quick and accurate car shipping estimate.

Documents Require to Ship a Car between Hawaii’s islands

State law in Hawaii requires that you present certain documents when shipping your vehicle inter-island. According to Section 286-2 of the Hawai’i Revised Statutes, motorcycles and motor scooters also qualify as vehicles.

The person delivering the vehicle must fall under one of the following categories and will have to present the following documentation:

Registered or Legal Owner

  • The certificate of registration proving the ownership of the vehicle
  • Identification
  • Proof of vehicle insurance

NOT the Legal or Registered Owner

  • Identification
    Proof of vehicle insurance
    The certificate of registration proving the ownership of the vehicle
    Authenticated letter from the registered owner, legal owner, or lien holder authorizing you to ship the vehicle with the following information.
  • Vehicle year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Weight
  • Name of person authorized to ship a vehicle

In order to be accepted by the port office, notarized letters must be presented within 30 days of the date of the document.

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    Inter-Island Car Shipping Hawaii FAQs

    Got a question? We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about inter-island car shipping to provide more information and tips.

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