Hemmings Review: Is it a Legit Platform?

Hemmings review

Hemmings is a one-stop shop for classic and collector cars. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a high-end vehicle, Hemmings has got you covered.

Founded in 1954, Hemmings has been connecting classic car enthusiasts for over 60 years and has become a leading resource for car enthusiasts and collectors, offering articles, classified ads, and events related to vintage and classic vehicles.

Today, Hemmings has more than 219,000 subscribers, and the website attracts millions of visitors each month. It provides a wide range of information and resources for classic car enthusiasts on its website.

Whether you’re a collector, a restorer, or just a classic car fan, Hemmings has something for you. In this Hemmings review, we’ll take a closer look at the website, its features, and the buying and selling process and we’ll see that is hemmings legit.

What hemmings offers

What Hemmings Offer?

In addition to the marketplace for buying and selling classic cars, Hemmings also offers:

  • Hemmings Motor News: A monthly magazine covering classic and collector car news, events, and culture.
  • Hemmings Classifieds: A platform for private classified ads for classic and collector vehicles.
  • Hemmings Auctions: A platform for classic car auctions, where users can bid on classic and collector vehicles.
  • Hemmings Appraisal Services: An appraisal service for classic and collector vehicles, which can be useful for determining the value of a vehicle for selling or insurance purposes.

Hemmings also provides a wealth of information on its website, including articles and guides on classic car history, restoration, and maintenance. They also have a community section where users can connect with each other and discuss classic cars.

Pros & Cons Of Buying a Car with Hemmings:

Here are some of the features and drawbacks of buying a car with Hemmings that we have included in this Hemmings review:

Pros of Hemmings:

  • An extensive network of classic car enthusiasts and buyers
  • Specialized marketplace for classic and collector cars
  • Comprehensive resources, including articles, guides, and a forum for the classic car community
  • Easy-to-use buying and selling process
  • Reasonable commission fees for sellers
  • Trusted and reputable platform with a long history in the classic car industry
  • Verified listings and strong buyer protection measures
  • Wide range of pricing options, from budget-friendly options to high-end collector vehicles
  • User-friendly platform with detailed listings and clear pricing information

Cons of Hemmings:

  • A limited selection of cars
  • Limited options for financing
  • Only focuses on classic and collector vehicles, not a good choice for those looking to buy or sell a newer car.
  • Commission fees can be higher than other car-buying websites
  • Not all vehicles listed on the site are in pristine condition, buyers must research and inspect cars carefully before making a purchase.
  • Hemmings does not offer financing or shipping services, so buyers will need to arrange those themselves.

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How Does Hemmings Works?

Hemmings operates both as a marketplace for buying and selling classic and collector cars and as a monthly magazine. It allows users to list their cars for sale through online auctions or traditional classified ads.

  • Selling through a Hemmings Auction: Sellers can list their cars in Hemmings auctions, which are held regularly throughout the year. The auction process is straightforward, with the seller providing a description of the vehicle and several photos. Hemmings handles the bidding process, and the seller receives the final bid price minus a commission fee.
  • Selling through a Hemmings Ad: Sellers can also list their cars for sale through a Hemmings classified ad. The process is similar to selling through an auction, with the seller providing a description of the vehicle and photos. However, buyers contact the seller directly to negotiate a purchase price.

Buyers can browse the Hemmings website and monthly magazine to find the vehicle they’re interested in and contact the seller directly for more information. Hemmings handles the payment and shipping arrangements, and charges fees for its services.

Hemmings Review

Hemmings Vs. Other Car Buying Websites

Looking to buy a classic or collector car? With the plethora of car-buying websites available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start your search. One popular option is Hemmings, a website dedicated to classic cars, muscle cars, and hot rods. But what sets Hemmings apart from other car-buying websites? Let’s take a closer look.

FeaturesHemmings Motor NewsAutoTrader ClassicsClassicCars.comeBay Motors
InventoryClassic cars, parts, and servicesClassic and antique carsClassic and antique carsWide range of vehicles, including classics
Website Traffic (est. monthly visitors)4.3M14 million2.9M

110 million
Pricing$99 for online listingStarting at $50Starting at $50Varies
Additional ServicesHemmings Motor News Magazine subscriptionVehicle history reports, finance & insuranceVehicle history reports, transportation, escrow servicesVehicle history reports, financing, protection plans
Customer SupportPhone, email, and live chatPhone and emailPhone and emailPhone and email
Search CapabilitiesSearch by make, model, year, location, and moreSearch by make, model, year, price, and locationSearch by make, model, year, price, and locationSearch by make, model, year, price, and location
Mobile App AvailableYesYesYes
User ReviewsMostly positiveMixedMostly positiveMixed

How does buying work at hemmings

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How Does Buying Work at Hemmings?

The buying process at Hemmings is simple and straightforward. Buyers can browse the listings or search for specific vehicles using the website’s advanced search features. When they find a vehicle they are interested in, they can contact the seller directly to ask questions or arrange a viewing.

The buying process at Hemmings.com can be summarized into four steps:

  1. Search the Vehicle: Users can browse classic car listings on the Hemmings website or in the magazine and search for vehicles based on make, model, year, and location.
  2. Contact and Negotiate: Users can view detailed descriptions, photos, and videos of the vehicles they are interested in, and contact the seller directly for more information. The buyer and seller can negotiate the price of the vehicle through Hemmings.
  3. Secure Payment and Shipping: Hemmings handles the payment and shipping arrangements between the buyer and seller. The buyer can pay through Hemmings’ secure platform, and choose to pick up the vehicle in person or have it shipped to their location.
  4. Receive and Inspect: The buyer receives the vehicle and inspects it to ensure it is in the condition described by the seller. If the buyer is not satisfied, they can work with Hemmings to resolve any issues.

Note: Hemmings does not offer any vehicle shipment service, so the buyer has to arrange it on his own.

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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Car on Hemmings?

To buy a car through Hemmings, they charge a five percent buyer’s fee on all successful auctions, with a minimum fee of $500. With any sale that tops $200,000, the buyer’s fee is capped at $10,000. Credit card holds are placed for the buyer’s fee during the auction.

Classified ads are free to browse and have no buyer’s fees, with payment and purchase details negotiated directly with the seller. Hemmings recommends reviewing their “Buying Tips” section before making a purchase through classified ads.

How to sell cars at hemmings auctions

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How to Sell Cars at Hemmings Auctions?

To sell a car through a Hemmings auction, the seller must first create an account and list the vehicle. The seller provides a description of the vehicle, several photos, and a reserve price. Hemmings handles the bidding process and charges a commission fee on the final bid price.

  1. Choose the Right Auction: Hemmings offers various auctions for different types of classic cars, so make sure you choose the right one for your vehicle.
  2. Submit Your Vehicle: First, submit your collector vehicle here. After receiving it, Hemmings will review it and let you know if it’s selected for auction. The listing specialist will reach out to you to learn more about your car and to explain the auction process to you. A professional writer will write your listing and set up your auction.
  3. Choose a Package: Hemmings offers different packages to help you sell your car, including a Silver Package and a Gold Package. These packages include different levels of advertising and exposure to help you reach more potential buyers.
  4. Wait for the Auction: Once your car is listed in the auction, you’ll need to wait for the bidding process to begin. The auction will last for a set period of time, and you’ll receive notifications for any new bids on your vehicle.
  5. Close the Sale: If your car reaches the reserve price and there are no further bids, the auction will close, and you’ll receive payment for the vehicle.

Note: If your vehicle is not selected for the auction, the listing specialist will work with you to convert it to a Classified or Make an Offer listing.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a Car on Hemmings?

Hemmings charges a commission fee on the final bid price when selling a car through an auction. To sell a car in a Hemmings auction, you need to pay a $99.95 listing fee. If the vehicle doesn’t sell, you will receive 6 months of Hemmings classified ad space for free.

To be eligible for a Hemmings auction, the car must be roadworthy and undergo an assessment with a listing specialist. If not selected, you won’t be charged.

To sell through Hemmings publications and online classified ads, you have two options:

  • Silver Package:

($129.95 for 6 months online with 35 photos and a small ad) 10% of the final bid price.

  • Gold Package:

($189.95 for 6 months online with 50 photos and a large ad) 6% of the final bid price.

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Hemmings vs Bring a Trailer

Hemmings aims to compete with Bring a Trailer by offering a different pricing model for both buyers and sellers.

For sellers, Hemmings charges $100 for curating and listing a collector car, which is similar to Bring a Trailer’s $99 fee. Hemmings offers the added benefit of converting an auction to a free 6-month ad if the collector car fails to meet its reserve during the auction.

For buyers, both Hemmings and Bring a Trailer charge a 5% premium. However, Bring a Trailer charges a flat fee up to a cap of $5,000, while Hemmings charges a minimum of $500 with a cap of $10,000.

Our Verdict: Is It Worth Selling a Car With Hemmings?

Selling a car with Hemmings can be a good option. Hemmings.com is a great resource for car enthusiasts and collectors looking to buy or sell classic and collector vehicles. With its focus on vintage and classic vehicles, extensive resources, and user-friendly buying and selling process, Hemmings is one of the top choices for those in the classic car market.


Is Hemmings Legit?

Hemmings is a useful resource for car enthusiasts and hobbyists, but it may not be the right tool for the average car buyer or seller. Its classified ads focus more on buying and selling collector cars, and its auction selection is small and specific to older and high-end offerings.

Who is Hemmings Best for?

Hemmings is best for car enthusiasts and collectors looking for selling classic and collector vehicles, including muscle cars, European sports cars, and vintage vehicles.

Does Hemmings Offer Car Finance?

No, Hemmings does not offer to finance. Buyers will need to arrange to finance on their own.

Do Hemmings offer car delivery?

Yes, Hemmings does offer car delivery services. They have a partnership with a reputable auto transport company that can deliver cars anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for a reputable shipping option, you might consider AutoStar Transport Express. We specialize in classic car shipping, and we’re familiar with the unique requirements of this type of shipment. We offer door-to-door service, fully enclosed trailers, and experienced drivers who know how to handle classic cars with care.

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