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    What is Heavy Equipment?

    “Heavy equipment” refers to very large pieces of machinery or vehicles, such as bulldozers, cranes, graders, and other pieces of agricultural and construction machinery, as well as RVs, trucks, buses, fire engines, etc.

    Heavy-duty machinery and vehicles are built to be more durable than standard machinery in order to handle stress and perform for a long period of time under difficult situations.

    Why Heavy Equipment Towing?

    Large vehicles or Heavy Equipment may experience mechanical failures as well. Heavy-duty machinery is, however, typically towed for other purposes. It may occasionally need to be pulled to a garage for maintenance, and it may also need to be transported from one job site to another using a tow truck.

    Whatever the reason for the need to tow big machinery, it is crucial to work with a towing firm that has the professional heavy-duty tow trucks necessary for the job, as well as professional tow truck drivers who have been well-trained and have expertise in heavy duty towing.

    Large or heavy equipment must be towed with the aid of highly competent personnel and sophisticated machinery to complete the task cautiously and effectively.

    Most industrial-use and large commercial vehicles can be successfully towed by heavy-duty towing services. In addition to being prepared to perform ordinary pickups, a trustworthy towing firm must also be equipped to perform vehicle recovery work for these large vehicles.

    Why Choose us? For Towing Heavy equipment?

    Over the years we have become a major player in making sure your Heavy Equipment, is relocated, or towed in a prompt, professional, and safe manner, for the best price in the business:

    • More than 150 5-star Positive Reviews by satisfied customers on Transport Reviews and Better Business Bureau for Heavy Equipment Towing.
    • Licensed, bonded, and insured network of transporters.
    • More than 16 Year of experience in Heavy Equipment Towing.
    • Tracking updates and in-person support on 888-802-8250.
    • The most competitive Heavy Equipment Towing rates in the Industry for towing heavy equipment.
    • We handle your Heavy Equipment with great care. We make sure the latest and safe towing techniques are used to arrange hassle-free and direct towing services.

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      Prompt, Professional, Low-Priced & Reliable Towing Service Across Country

      AutoStar Transport Express operates throughout the United States as one of the leading Heavy Equipment Towing companies. With our highly skilled team, we will tow your Heavy Equipment from one place to another.

      A great network of carriers makes AutoStar Transport Express a great option for shipping vehicle across country.  AutoStar Transport Express takes as much care as you would with the towing of your heavy equipment.

      Types of Heavy Equipment Towing

      AutoStar Transport Express uses several ways to Heavy Equipment Towing:


      • Flatbeds or Rollbacks:  It’s common to see flatbed trucks on the road hauling automobiles because they’re simple to drive and operate. They are typically used by towing businesses to carry cars that have been in accidents or have broken down on the highway. It has an empty flat-topped bed on the back that may load vehicles on top of it. These tow trucks use hydraulics to vertically shift the flatbed up or down when they need to install a car on their bed.
      • Towing Wheeled Lifter:  The towing wheeled lifter use metal yokes instead of chains, they don’t put as much strain on the vehicle. As a result, they don’t damage the car as hook and chain trucks do, and operators don’t have to worry about scratching a vehicle’s bumper. The lack of damage makes wheel lift tow trucks appropriate for vehicles in need of repair, rather than those destined for a junkyard.

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      Safety Measures for Towing Heavy Equipment

      The job of towing large machinery is critical. It’s crucial to know how to load and carry large equipment safely. Heavy machinery transportation must be done both legally and safely.

      If you don’t pull big equipment correctly, you risk overloading your trailer’s GVWR, which could result in problems like brake failure or blown tires. Alternatively, you can even face a fine. You can travel safely and effectively to your destination with the help of the following advice:

      • Make sure your ramps and trailer are spotless and debris-free.
      • Your trailer should be parked in a flat area.
      • Load your big machinery with the help of a spotter (if possible)
      • Use tight, durable chains to tie down your heavy machinery at the designated tie-down points to secure it.
      • Choose the most convenient and direct route in advance.

      So it’s important to take the proper safety precautions when towing large equipment in addition to having the appropriate equipment.

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        We are Experts in Towing Heavy Equipments

        Heavy Equipment Towing

        Our experience as a Towing Heavy Equipment specialist has given us the knowledge and expertise to Towing Heavy Equipment efficiently.

        No matter what type of machinery you would like to tow, AutoStar Transport Express can handle it.

        We are specialists in Heavy machinery towing or relocation such as:

        Better Business Bureau® Reviews supporter for Auto Transport Service Providers Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Car Movers Directory



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          How Much to pay for Towing Heavy Equipment?

          You can use our calculator to get a better-estimated price of towing heavy equipment. Remember that the actual towing situation may result in a final cost that is either higher or lower than the estimate.

          Heavy equipment towing does not have a set price, as many factors are taken into consideration. These include the number of miles from the pick-up point or towing point, the size and type of equipment, the Operability of equipment, and many others.

          You can use our online calculator to get a free and instant quote for towing heavy equipment.

          Towing Heavy Equipment Estimated Costs and Time

          Shipping From Shipping ToDistance in MilesEstimated Cost in $Estimated Time
          Los Angeles, CASan Diego, CA1202401-2 days
          Colorado Irvine, CA99015002-4 days
          Greensboro, NCCorpus Christi, TX133019003-5 days
          Richardson, TXLowell, AR3336001-2 days
          Lewisville, TXMesa, AZ107016003-5 days
          Columbus, OHBaltimore, MD4037001-2 days
          Cleveland, OHEverett, PA2404201-2 days
          Fresno, CAArlington, VA278042006-8 days

          You can get a free and instant quote for heavy equipment towing by using our online quote calculator.

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            Towing Heavy Equipment: FAQs

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