Over sized Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Transportation to Hawaii

AutoStar Transport Express, a top-rated BBB accredited company, has been shipping heavy machinery and oversized vehicles to and from Hawaii for over 14 years, offering quality-driven, affordable solutions for consumers, manufacturers, car dealers, and the military.

Oversized Vehicle Transportation to hawaiiAll types of vehicles are handled by us, including autos, oversized vehicles, trailers, RVs, heavy equipment, and more. Our communication is straightforward and honest.

With efficiency, integrity, and unparalleled customer service, our team strives to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our first priority is to satisfy our customers, not just to book a vehicle on any terms.

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    • 14+ Years of experience in Hawaii Rico car shipping for consumers, manufacturers, and the military than any other Pacific carrier.
    • We provide effortless online booking for one-stop shipping within Hawaii, across the Pacific, or to the U.S. mainland
    • Our top-rated vehicle hauling services have satisfied thousands of customers. Still, we work hard every day to become the best auto transport company.
    • Our experienced customer representative helps you with your paperwork specific for Hawaii vehicle transport
    • Hawaii auto Shipping tracking, updates, and in-person support on 888-802-8250.
    • The Most Competitive car Shipping Rates in the Industry for Hawaii auto transport.
    • Weekly Sailings to and from Hawaii mean fewer delays for your vehicle to depart.

    Succesful Hawaii Auto Transport Testimonial

    This was my first experience with a vehicle transport shipping a Toyota Tacoma from my home in Arizona to Hawaii. I was apprehensive due to the logistics. AutoStar was prompt and courteous in response with a very competitive bid. Despite my providing initial incorrect pick up dates, the quote remained unchanged. The contracted driver from Arizona to California was timely and professional. Shipping to Hawaii was without any problems. The vehicle arrived in perfect condition.  David Kells

    What kind of oversized vehicle can I ship to Hawaii

    Oversized Vehicle and heavy machinery shipping expertsBeing in the vehicle shipping business for a long time has given us the knowledge and expertise to easily handle any type of oversized vehicle. Our services include oversized vehicle transportation and heavy machinery relocation including:

    • Buses, Limousines RVs, travel trailers, and Motor Homes
    • Military & Armed Force Equipments
    • Hummer: All Hummer models
    • Pickup Trucks with Utility Beds
    • Generators, Compactors, Forklifts and log loaders
    • Road wideners, Bulldozers and Sprinter
    • Hitachi: Mining Excavators & Shovels
    • GMC: Sierra, Suburban, Yukon, Denali, all pickup trucks, LTs, and vans
    • Utility equipment, and all other types of oversized vehicle and equipment transport

    Option for Auto Transport to/from Hawaii

    AutoStar Transport Express uses several ways to ship an oversized vehicle to Hawaii:

    • Roll-on/roll-off (RoRo service): This method applies to any equipment that is self-propelled and features wheels or treads. It involves simply driving the machine onto the ship and then off when it arrives. After the unit is loaded on the vessel, it is strapped to the deck to ensure it is properly fixed and does not move during transport.
    • Flat-rack: If the equipment you are shipping cannot be driven onto the vessel, it will be loaded onto a rack and stacked on the deck with a crane or forklift depending on the size of the equipment.
    • Container shipping: This method is ideal if your equipment can fit into an enclosed container. As the containers are loaded onto the vessel, a crane unloads them at their destination. Its only disadvantage is that the customer has to disassemble the equipment into separate parts that will fit in a container and ensure they are properly secured. At the destination port, the equipment must also be put back together again.

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    Shipping from Hawaii to the Other States

    Vehicles going to or moving from Hawaii to the lower 48 states, including east coast states, Atlantic states, the Southern States, midwest states, great plains states, and pacific northwest states normally stop through the port in Philadelphia and Jacksonville.

    From there we can take your high-end car anywhere in the Continental United States and various destinations in Hawaii. Your classic car may be shipped to or from Hawaii in a vessel or a truck depending on the weather and the requirements of your timeframe.

    Top Destination In Hawaii

    Top Destination Ports in HawaiiAutoStar Transport Express provides auto shipping to and from the following terminals in Hawaii – Honolulu, Hilo, Kahului, Nawiliwili, and all surrounding areas.

    AutoStar Transport Express also provides door to port and port to door services.

    How Much to Ship an Oversized Vehicle to Hawaii?

    Oversized vehicle transportation does not have a set price, as many factors are taken into consideration. These include the number of miles from the pick-up point, the size and type of vehicle, plus the time of year, the type of terrain, and many others.

    You can use our online calculator to get a free and instant quote for Hawaii auto transport.

    How long to Ship an Oversized Vehicle to Hawaii?

    Of course, this answer varies depending on the location. But just to give you an idea, if the vehicle needs to be transported within the mainland, we add that to the number of days that the vehicle will be transported overseas.

    The car shipment between Hawaii and the mainland is estimated to take anywhere from 10 – 21 days.

    Give us a call and we can give you the specifics on that, no commitment.

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