Car shippers guide about transporting your vehicle

Car shippers guide about transporting your vehicle

Crazy and severe weather all around the US happens throughout the year. We would like to share what it’s like for our partners, the drivers, who deal with it directly. Use our car shippers guide to find the best car shipping comapny, research car transport options, and read reviews about each transporter.

Car transport reality

Driving a big loaded truck can get more nerve-racking with severe weather. Even the most experienced drivers know nature has the last word, so they have to work with it as best they can.

The streets get wet and moisture mixes with the oil on the road which can get slippery. And even if you think you can drift and drive safe, sliding by a truck loaded with cars still wouldn’t be a good idea.

Drivers must slow down, regardless of how minor or severe the weather is at the moment. They cannot brake abruptly, or take any sudden turns, especially because of their heavy loads.

And if the temperature is closer to the freezing point, they must be even more cautious on the road. 


Of course, slowing down implies time and traffic (in populous areas). That’s something we cannot control and drivers do their best to keep your vehicle safe.

Comfort and safety are what we all strive for…. But you might be saying:

“Yeah, but that’s a part of their job.”

Yes, it is, part of that job includes planning the logistics of their trips while still maintaining proper safety standards to ensure the care of your vehicle. 

Good service is the ability to maintain all of this despite whatever obstacles may stand in the way.

Tips from the Carrier themselves:

If you see them on the highway and there’s bad weather, keep in mind to:

  • Keep your distance: they can’t maneuver the truck as quickly as you would in your car.
  • If they have the signal lights, be respectful, and don’t cut in front of them.

Now, if at any point you’re wondering what’s the hold up with your transport, please contact our car shippers guide customer service department for updates. Drivers can easily relay the information to them and focus on the safety and quality of the transport.