Do I Need a Car for College?

Do I Need a Car for College?

Getting ready for the new semester comes with a lot of hassles: tuition, class schedules, dorm roommates, getting to work, and other activities… including coming home to see the parents! College can be difficult, especially if you’re far from home.

At the beginning of this new chapter, it helps to have familiar comforts: a blanket, family photos, and perhaps your own vehicle. Having a car in college means many things: freedom, flexibility, and convenience. 

Consider the following benefits of traveling to college with a car, whether you are a student or a parent of a student.

Should a College Student Have a Car?

It is tough to decide if your child should have a car at school. It involves helping your child in evaluating and managing their college finances, as well as ensuring that they can travel their campus effectively and securely at the end of each semester. Here are six compelling reasons to let your child have a car in college.

1. You can leave campus at any time

College is not always about studying. Sometimes it’s necessary to relax and refresh your mind while preparing for a day of rigorous academic work the next day. It is easy to travel when you have a car. There are different options for a car. Attend a concert located several miles from your college, dinner with friends, or a date.

2. Safety

Taxis and rideshares are common forms of transportation, but drivers may not always be thoroughly screened. You will avoid taking an added risk by driving yourself since you will not have to hire a cab, take public transportation, or walk alone in dark areas.

3. You Can Assist Your Friends

It is important to make friends on campus. You will find them on campus and after graduation. Friendships become even stronger when you meet your friends’ needs. There are times when your friends may need the convenience of a car; for example, when moving to another location, transporting something that might not be appropriate for bus travel, or if they need help getting to an airport.

4. You can apply for an internship off-campus

A student must build his or her professional profile. Search for internships and job opportunities related to your course of study. Moreover, you will also receive income to help cover your college expenses.

5. Trips Can Be Organized Easily

College is not only about taking classes and sitting for exams. Having a good experience on campus would be best for you. Plan a few road trips during your campus years to ensure that they’re exciting. As well as making the trip more convenient, a car allows you to carry everything you need. You can thus enjoy the experience to its fullest.

6. Savings

You may have friends in another state, or you may want a short vacation. Driving is cheaper than flying or taking the bus. Car shipping can save money in the long run by avoiding many taxis, buses, and plane trips. Also, if you have a vehicle, you would have greater job and internship opportunities.

How car transport is Better Than Driving to College

Fatigued driving is responsible for about 100,000 car accidents every year. The majority of these result in fatalities. It’s likely that you’re on a deadline if you’re moving to college. Therefore, you’ll probably want to log in those miles as quickly as possible, even if you have to skip a couple of rest stops and drive for a few hours after dark. Then you might contribute to the car crash statistics.

Prevent accidents, thefts, and losses

It’s likely you’re packing your car if you’re driving. Accidents or theft can result in losses. You can include your computer, TV, and clothing in that list. Your car can be stolen at a moment’s notice. An accident with a parked vehicle could damage all of the items in the vehicle, as well as seriously injure the driver. This is not the case with shipping a car to school.

It is common to ship a car to school

College student car transport for out-of-state students has become more popular in recent years because of safety concerns. As a student, traveling on the road was much safer years ago.

It’s Safe, Fast, Secure

It’s great knowing you don’t have to drive that far. It is fast and very safe to ship your car to a carrier. Send the vehicle to school. Take a flight, and then have the car picked up. Costs can vary depending on distance and location.
Even if it’s more, sometimes peace of mind and safety are more important than saving a small amount of money. A college student auto transport company that is insured and bonded will transport your vehicle.

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How many college students ship their cars?

US surveys indicate that. According to U.S. News & World Report, 48 percent of students have a car on campus. According to Wayne State University in Michigan, 98 percent of students had cars on campus in 2015-2016. Most colleges and universities started to offer remote learning when many students conducted their studies from home, so recent statistics are not available.

Autostar transport express has already shipped personal vehicles to students in Michigan, Georgia, Missouri, California, and states where large student populations own vehicles. Parents can relax knowing that college auto transport is convenient and removes yet another thing from their to-do lists.

What is the cost of shipping a car to college?

Auto transport costs can vary significantly due to numerous cost factors. First is the distance the vehicle will need to be shipped and pickup/delivery locations. Time of year, vehicle type and transport type will also impact the final price. The car shipping cost can be reduced by taking several proactive steps.

An auto transport broker can help you understand your needs and do the heavy lifting to find you the best deal.
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