Deposits – why are they needed?

Deposits – why are they needed?

There are a ton of myths out there on various websites stating that you shouldn´t pay a deposit until your car has actually been picked up. Unfortunately, the way in which these myths and “facts” are written is very misleading to the public.

These are the reasons why a deposit is required:

  • Brokers have to firstly cover their fees for the work they´ve done in securing you a carrier.  It is also to reassure the booked carrier that there is actually a vehicle at the said location to be picked up!
  • When a carrier is booked they plan their schedule around each customer´s requirements and location.  If for some reason you changed your mind or there wasn´t actually a vehicle to pick up, this carrier would be severely inconvenienced in respect of time and money.

It is similar to a lot of other service industries out there – take booking a holiday for example A travel agent will work hard on finding you the best possible holiday, meeting all your requirements, dates, and needs.  They ask you to pay a deposit upfront to secure your seat on the plane and at the hotel… this is not that dissimilar to what we are doing – simply securing you a space for what you need!

Please note: Deposits can vary depending on the size and weight of the vehicle as well as the locations and distance!

Advice: Be sure to carry out research on all companies you hear from at – sadly there are a number of brokers who ask for a deposit upfront and then never get back in touch with you!

More info? Do you have more questions regarding why a deposit is required? And how much you should pay as a deposit fee? We are happy to help! Contact us here.