How Much do Auto Shippers charge to Transport a Car to Hawaii?

How Much do Auto Shippers charge to Transport a Car to Hawaii?

You may be concerned about the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii. Shipping a car to Hawaii is more expensive than moving a vehicle from place to place within the continental U.S., yet not nearly as difficult or expensive as many think.

Over the past 15 years, AutoStar Transport Express has been providing quality-driven and affordable car shipping solutions to and from Hawaii for consumers, manufacturers, car dealers, and the military. Scheduling your shipment is simple and fast when you work with an auto transport company like Autostar Transport Express.

How Much To Ship A Car To Hawaii?

Shipping a car to Hawaii costs more than standard on-land services because of the required over-the-water services.

Shipping a car from mainland U.S. to Hawaii typically costs between $1,500 and $3,500. However, the cost is estimated. There are multiple factors that can affect the cost to ship a car to Hawaii, including travel distance, vehicle size, type of vehicle being transported, type of transport, time of year, and current fuel charges.

Those shipping from 50 miles or less from the port can save money by dropping off or picking up their vehicle at the port to avoid ground transport fees.

You can only find out exactly how much it will cost to ship the car to Hawaii if you use our instant quote calculator

The following are a few sample prices of shipping a car to and from Hawaii:

  • Los Angeles California to Hawaii transport        $1725
  • North Carolina to Hawaii transport                      $2050
  • New Jersey to Hawaii transport                           $2125
  • Hawaii to New York transport                               $2670
  • Hawaii to Miami Florida transport                        $2025
  • Houston Texas to Hawaii transport                      $1525

Prices do not include land transport costs; however,  door-to-door transportation is available for a nominal fee. You can get your vehicle to the port from anywhere in the United States using this convenient, easy, and affordable option if you do not want to travel far or live far from the port. 

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    How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Large Car to Hawaii?

    Usually, the shipping containers can transport SUVs and even most passenger/cargo vans without additional charges. If you use our carrier to transport your car to the port, the price will vary based on vehicle size. Heavier and larger vehicles reduce the shipping capacity of truck haulers. Since transport carriers have capacity restrictions, you will see a corresponding increase in trucking fees of about $150-$200

    Make sure to check reviews and complaints when choosing an auto transport company. Prices are not everything. You should always make sure you are getting a good deal. Get rates from companies with good reputations and know what to look for when getting quotes. Once you know what to look for in an auto shipper, making the right choice is easy.

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    Shipping a Car to Hawaii: FAQs

    What does it cost to ship a car to or from Hawaii?

    It’s not possible to give a single answer to this question. You can find out how much your shipment will cost by contacting us or using our instant online quote calculator.

    How long does it take to ship a car to or from Hawaii?

    If you’re shipping to or from the East Coast or Midwest, it should take no more than two to three weeks. If you are shipping to or from cities along the West Coast, you will get your car even faster.

    Will my car be exposed to the elements?

    An open carrier will expose your vehicle to normal road conditions while it travels to port. Ports do not offer coverage for your vehicle as they are parked outside like in your driveway. At sea, vehicles are protected from the elements while beneath the deck of the ship that will carry while in transport to Hawaii.

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