Choosing the Right Car Transport Trailers

Choosing the right car transport trailers

Types of Car Transport Trailers: The Best Option

Are you looking to transport your car to a new location but struggling to decide which trailer to use? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best fit for your needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of car transport trailers and their respective features, benefits, and drawbacks. By the end of this article, you’ll have a solid understanding of the options available and be able to make an informed decision about which trailer to choose.

Open Car Transport Trailers

The most popular kind of auto transport trailer is the open trailer. These are open-air trailers with a capacity of ten cars. Auto dealers, manufacturers, and rental car agencies frequently transport their vehicles between locations using these trailers.

They are frequently the most cost-effective choice, and they are simple to load and unload.  Your car, however, can be exposed to the elements and road debris because they are out in the open.

Remember: For a vehicle to be legally transported to different states, it must first be registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

Types of open car transport trailers

Types of Open Car Transport Trailers

1. Standard Open Car Trailer

The most basic and widely used kind of open trailer is the standard open car trailer. It is often composed of steel or aluminum and has a flat or slightly slanted bed. When shipping a car, it is frequently the least expensive choice.

2. Tilt Deck Open Car Trailer
A hydraulic lift is incorporated into the design of a tilt deck open car trailer to enable the bed to tilt downward for simple loading and unloading of a vehicle. Low-clearance vehicles or those that cannot be driven onto the trailer are the best options for this kind of trailer.

3. Multi-Car Open-Car Trailer
An open-car trailer that can accommodate more than one vehicle is called a multi-car open-car trailer. From smaller two-car trailers to larger ones that can carry six or more vehicles, they can be found in a variety of sizes. Auto dealers, car transport companies, and private individuals who need to move several vehicles at once frequently employ this kind of trailer.

4. Wedge Open Car Trailer
A wedge-open car trailer has a wedge-shaped bed that rises toward the back of the trailer and tilts down at the front. Its design enables a reduced angle of approach when loading a vehicle, making it simpler to load vehicles with low ground clearance.

5. Power Tilt Open Car Trailer
Similar to a tilt deck trailer, a power tilt open car trailer has a powered hydraulic lift system that enables the trailer’s bed to tilt down for simple loading and unloading of a vehicle. These trailers are perfect for people who frequently travel vehicles and need a quick and simple way to load and unload them.

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Benefits of Open Car Transport Trailers

There are several advantages to open car transport, which involves pulling a vehicle behind an open car trailer. The following are some benefits of open-air transportation:

  • Affordability: Open car transport is frequently less expensive than enclosed car transport. The car requires less work and resources to transport because it is on an open trailer, which can result in lower prices.
  • Availability: Open car transport is widely available and simple to arrange with several car transport companies. This implies that it’s usually possible to quickly find a carrier to move your car, even at short notice.
  • Faster Transport: Open car transportation is more accessible and convenient, making it frequently quicker than enclosed transportation. This is due to the possibility of more frequent routes and greater availability of carriers for open car transporters, which may lead to shorter wait times and quick delivery.
  • High-Quality Equipment: A lot of open car transport companies employ top-notch equipment, such as cutting-edge auto trailers and tools for securing the vehicles to the trailer.
  • Large Capacity: Open car transport trailers can transport more cars at once, making it more affordable for companies to ship several vehicles at once.

Disadvantages of Open Car Transport Trailers

  • Exposed to the Elements: Because they are open-air trailers, cars transported on open-car transport trailers are exposed to the elements, including weather, debris, and other hazards.
  • No Protection: Open car transport trailers do not provide any protection for the vehicles being transported.
  • Not Suitable for High-end Cars: Open car transport trailers are not ideal for transporting high-end or expensive vehicles because of the lack of protection.

Enclosed Car Transport Trailers

Transport trailers for cars that are completely enclosed, with a solid top, and solid walls, protect the cars being transported. These trailers are commonly used to transport one or two single cars, but they can become big enough to transport up to eight cars together.

The majority of the time, vehicle owners who select this way of transporting a car do so because their vehicles are especially valuable. Typically, enclosed carriers are used to transport classic vehicles, antique cars, rare cars, luxury cars, bespoke cars, and race cars.

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Types of enclosed car transport trailers

Types of Enclosed Car Transport Trailers

1. Standard Enclosed Car Trailer
A flatbed trailer with an enclosed box installed on it is known as a standard enclosed car trailer. It can be utilized for storage and offers protection against the weather and road debris.

2. Gooseneck Enclosed Car Trailer
A gooseneck-enclosed car trailer is identical to a regular enclosed car trailer, except it has a gooseneck hitch that is fastened to the pickup truck’s bed. It is simpler to tow bigger trailers because of this design’s easy handling and load capacity.

3. Fifth Wheel Enclosed Car Trailer
An enclosed fifth-wheel trailer is a specific kind of trailer made to be pulled by a pickup truck equipped with a fifth-wheel hitch. This design is perfect for moving heavier vehicles because it offers more stability and flexibility than a typical hitch.

4. Living Quarters Enclosed Car Trailer
Larger and more luxurious than other enclosed trailer types, living quarters in enclosed car trailers have separate living areas for the driver and passengers. It usually has facilities such as a sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom, making it perfect for long-distance travel or for use as a mobile office.

5. Multi-Car Enclosed Car Trailer
An enclosed multi-car trailer is made to carry many cars at once. It can be found in a range of sizes, from compact two-car models to big ones that can haul six or more cars. Auto dealers, auto transport companies, and private individuals who need to move several vehicles at once frequently employ this kind of trailer.

Benefits of Enclosed Car Transport Trailers

Enclosed car transport provides several benefits over open car transport, including:

  • Protection:  Since enclosed trailers are completely enclosed, the cars are shielded from the outside elements, such as weather, road debris, and other dangers.
  • Security:  As a result, there is less chance of theft, damage, or vandalism occurring to the automobiles being carried.
  • Suitable for High-end Cars:  Because enclosed car transport offers an additional layer of security, it is perfect for moving expensive vehicles like luxury or vintage cars.
  • Customizable:  To fit the unique needs of the client, enclosed car transport trailers can be modified. They could have hydraulic lifts to make loading and unloading simpler or climate control systems to adjust the temperature.
  • Peace of mind: For car owners worried about the safety and security of their vehicles, enclosed car transport offers peace of mind.

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Disadvantages of Enclosed Car Transport Trailers

  • Cost: Enclosed car transport trailers are more expensive than open car transport trailers.
  • Slower: Because they can only carry one or two cars at a time, enclosed car transport trailers are often slower than open car transport trailers.
  • Limited Availability: Enclosed car transport trailers are not as widely available as open car transport trailers.

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