The Start of a New Era!

The Start of a New Era!

Yes, the start of a new era. Autostar is going through some big changes at the moment. Over the last nearly 5 years we’ve been finding our feet, learning to walk and now we’re truly breaking into a strong stride!

The start of a new era by declaring the war on fraudsters

In this time we’ve become weary of hearing horror stories of customers being ripped off and messed around until they’re left at the end of their nerves. We believe that it’s up to us and the handful of other respectable transport brokers out there to declare war on the fraudsters and to finally clean this all up!

The Start of a New Era

Through transparency and honesty, we aim to earn your trust away from the rogue business. Our efforts start here online by interacting with our customers and presenting them with all the information they need to make their own informed decisions. You can now find information or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Transport Reviews, our Website, and here on the AutoStar blog.