The Best Car Shows Around the US in 2024

Best car shows around the world

Car shows are events that showcase the latest and greatest vehicles from a variety of manufacturers, as well as provide an opportunity for car enthusiasts to see and learn about new technologies and innovations in the automotive industry.

These shows attract a wide range of attendees, including industry professionals, media, and members of the public, and offer a wide variety of exhibits, demonstrations, and other activities for attendees to enjoy.

As the automotive industry drives into the future, car enthusiasts need to stay in the driver’s seat and informed. That’s why we, an car transport company with over 17 years of experience, curated this list of the top 10 upcoming car shows in the US.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a further look at these largest car shows in the US and see what they have to offer.


Key Highlights

  • The Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in North America, showcasing over 1,000 vehicles alongside special events.
  • Miami International Auto Show is best for experiencing indoor EV test tracks and exploring the future of automotive technology.
  • Arizona Auction Week is best for collectors and enthusiasts, featuring classic, exotic, and collectible car auctions.


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Best Car Shows in the US: A Quick Comparison

ShowDatesLocationTarget AudienceHighlightsTickets (Estimated Price Range)
Chicago Auto ShowFeb 10-19Chicago, ILGeneral Enthusiasts1000+ vehicles, classics, special eventsGeneral: $10-$30, VIP: Starts at $75
Washington DC Auto ShowJan 19-28Washington DCTech & Future FocusedElectric vehicles, test tracks, latest modelsGeneral: $15-$25, Discounts for children & seniors possible
North Texas Auto ExpoFeb 22-25Dallas, TXFamily & AccessibleLatest models, test drives, interactive exhibitsGeneral: Free (Children), Discounted (Seniors/Military)
New York International Auto ShowMar 29-Apr 7New York, NYIndustry & Global EnthusiastsNew productions, concept cars, world debutsGeneral: $20-$40, VIP: Starts at $100+
Miami International Auto ShowAug 30-Sep 8Miami, FLTech & Future FocusedIndoor EV test tracks, concept cars, world debutsGeneral: $15-$30, VIP: Starts at $50+
North American International Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)TBD (Jan)Detroit, MIIndustry & EnthusiastsNew vehicle reveals, technology showcasesGeneral: $20-$40, VIP: Starts at $100+
Philadelphia International Auto ShowJan 13-21Philadelphia, PAGeneral Enthusiasts & Career SeekersLatest models, industry connection, career opportunitiesGeneral: $10-$20, Discounts possible
Arizona Auction WeekJan 20-28Phoenix, AZCollectors & EnthusiastsClassic, exotic, collectible car auctionsAuction house dependent
Hot August NightsAugustReno, NVClassic Car & Nostalgia Fans5,500+ classic cars, live entertainment, auctionsGeneral Admission (price varies)
Amelia Island Concours d'EleganceMar 3Amelia Island, FLCollectors & High-End Enthusiasts300+ classic & exotic cars, auctions, driving coursesGeneral Admission (price varies), VIP options might exist

Note: Ticket prices are estimates and may vary depending on the day, vendor, and online purchase options. Be sure to check the official show website for the latest pricing information.

Top 10 Best Car Shows around the US in 2024

Best Car Shows 2015

1. Chicago Auto Show – Chicago, IL (February 10-19)

The Chicago Auto Show stands tall as the largest auto show in North America and a highlight in the Chicago region’s annual calendar. With its rich history dating back to 1901, this year marks its 116th edition, promising a showcase of over 1,000 different vehicles alongside accessories, competition vehicles, and collector cars. Held at McCormick Place, attendees can enjoy special events like Chicago Friday Night Flights and the Toyota Miles Per Hour run, making it an unmissable event for car enthusiasts.

2. Washington DC Auto Show – Washington DC (January 19 – 28)

In the nation’s capital, the Washington DC Auto Show presents a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of vehicles firsthand. From electric vehicle displays to Hyundai’s Test Track, this event offers insights into cutting-edge EV technology and the latest models from top automakers like Toyota, Ford, and Nissan. Visitors can also explore the charm of Washington, DC, after immersing themselves in the excitement of the auto show.


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3. North Texas Auto Expo – Dallas, TX (February 22-25)

Organized by the North Texas Automobile Dealers, the North Texas Auto Expo offers attendees a chance to see the latest models from various manufacturers, along with test drives and interactive exhibits. With accessible transportation options and a focus on inclusivity with free admission for children and discounted tickets for seniors and military personnel, this event caters to a diverse audience of automotive enthusiasts.

4. New York International Auto Show – New York, NY (March 29 – April 7)

As one of the longest-running auto shows in the world, the New York International Auto Show in Manhattan attracts over a million attendees each year. Featuring new production and concept vehicles from a multitude of automakers, including world and North American debuts, this event showcases the latest innovations in the automotive industry. With its significant contribution to the economy and a wide range of automobile-related conferences and gatherings, it’s a cornerstone event for car enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

5. Miami International Auto Show – Miami, FL (August 30 – September 8)

The Miami International Auto Show, organized by the South Florida Automobile Dealers Association, is one of the largest auto shows in the United States. Featuring indoor EV test tracks and a lineup of new production and concept vehicles, including world and North American debuts, this event offers a glimpse into the future of automotive technology. With its long history and large attendance, it remains a must-attend event for car enthusiasts in the region.

6. North American International Detroit Auto Show – Detroit, MI (TBD)

Returning to its roots with a January debut, the North American International Auto Show in Detroit promises a traditional auto show experience with a focus on new vehicle reveals and technology showcases. As one of the largest and most prestigious auto shows in the world, it highlights Detroit’s role as a major center for automotive manufacturing and innovation, making it an essential event for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.


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7. Philadelphia International Auto Show – Philadelphia, PA (January 13-21)

The Philadelphia International Auto Show showcases the latest vehicles from over 20 brands, offering attendees a glimpse into the automotive industry’s latest advancements. With its focus on connecting consumers to the industry and philanthropic initiatives, it’s a must-see event for car enthusiasts and those interested in exploring employment opportunities within the retail automotive industry.

8. Arizona Auction Week – Phoenix, AZ (January 20-28)

Arizona Auction Week is a spectacle of automotive excellence, featuring several collector car auctions, including the renowned Barrett-Jackson Auction Company’s Scottsdale auction. With its showcase of classic, exotic, and collectible vehicles, it’s a prime opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to see and purchase rare and unique vehicles while connecting with fellow automotive enthusiasts from around the world.

9. Hot August Nights – Reno, NV (August)

Hot August Nights is a week-long celebration of classic cars, rock and roll, and 1950s and 1960s nostalgia. With over 5,500 officially registered classic cars and a variety of events including show-n-shines, live entertainment, and auctions, it’s a must-attend event for anyone passionate about classic cars and the music of yesteryears.

10. Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance – Amelia Island, FL (March 3)

The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is a showcase of more than 300 classic and exotic cars from around the world, set against the backdrop of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island. With activities including auctions, vehicle showcases, and driving courses, it’s a celebration of automotive history and culture, attracting car enthusiasts and collectors from across the globe.

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In conclusion, 2024 promises to be an exhilarating year for car enthusiasts with a diverse lineup of auto shows across the United States. From the prestige of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to the nostalgia of Hot August Nights in Reno, there’s something for every automotive aficionado to enjoy and explore. As a vehicle transport company deeply ingrained in the industry, we look forward to witnessing the latest innovations and showcases that these events have to offer.


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