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Neika Hunter

I had heard a ton of horror stories about shipping your car to places, so I was really reluctant to do so when I decided to move across the country from the Big Apple (NY) to sunny California. It was February and the weather was nothing short of a fright, to say the least. We had just gotten a terrible snow storm in NY and all the companies I called to ship my 2016 VW gave me an ETA of 3 weeks. I was worried because I would start work 2 weeks after I arrived in Cali. I’d heard stories about people not receiving their cars for a month or having to make your way to some long distance hub to get your car when it finally reached its destination. Low and behold I settle on entrusting my new car with Auto star transport. My car arrived in 10 days! On top of that, because I wasn’t home they came to me a few miles out of their way without making it a big deal! It cost me a bit more because as I previously stated I was trying hard to do research, even posting to try and find referrals on some of my social media outlets, so I cut the time that I needed to ship it really close to when I left NY. Overall I’d definitely give these guys 5 stars and would recommend them to ANY & EVERY ONE!! On top of that I used them a second time because I’m back on the East coast lol, same results and customer service. So I’m pretty confident to say their service is consistent!