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Why Is it Better to Ship a Car vs Drive Your Own

Cars are shipped all around the world and within the country as more and more people are relying upon personal vehicles. Here, we’ll dig deep into why it is better to ship your car or have someone drive your car. Some people love driving long distances of course and there are others who don’t. However, you might want to see what suits you more; driving or having your car shipped.

What is Drive Away Service?

A car transport service in which your vehicle is picked up by a trained/licensed driver who drives it to the destination.

Why Would Some People Choose a Drive Away Service?

For some shippers, time is the preference. They aim to get the vehicle to the destination no matter what the weather conditions are, or the terrain is like. This might bring in some fun and adventure in the driver’s life who’s driving your car. For you, that might not be a great idea to have someone drive your car. You love your car, don’t you?

As I said earlier, you love your car. And you want to enjoy driving it in your favorite places no matter how far they are. There are so many predicaments involved when thinking about having it driven to the destination. Weather, road, hidden costs, breakage, oil leakage, and whatnot.

Think about your car arrives safe and sound, having been delivered by well-trained professionals, who take great pride in delivering on time, and no damage.  Professional car carriers will do everything they can to deliver you door-to-door service.

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Why is it Better to Ship Your Car?

Multiple advantages, as there’s no engine wear and tear, no miles added, and no gas consumed. You receive your car in the exact same condition as you had left it before it was picked up.

A shipping company takes care of everything for you. You can remain stress-free knowing that a professional car carrier is going to take good care of your vehicle. They will pick the most suitable carrier for you, and assign them to do the job. The company’s team members will keep assisting you through the paperwork without wasting your time and energy.

Shippers usually book many cars in one go, which means the shipping cost gets reduced. Drive Away companies will definitely cost you more when you will pay for the driver’s night stays food and stuff on top of the transport fee.

Thinking of driving across states, miles away?

Well, that’s an adventure! Isn’t it? Only if you’re an adventurous soul. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals. Your life and safety matters.

Let the Shipper Plan for You

Imagining going on a long-distance trip in your car is a fabulous idea where you can stop and see places, take photos and enjoy the journey. Long-distance driving tags along a little bit of anxiety when we think of road trip hassles, hotel availability, gas, and break downs. A shipping company makes all the arrangements necessary to help you ship your car to the destination.

In the end, the decision is all yours. Your car is precious. That’s why you choose to buy it at first. You want to see it shining, spotless, and in slick condition when you receive it on the other end, the destination.