Why is it better to ship your car vs have someone drive your car

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Why is it better to ship your car vs have someone drive your car

Why is it better to ship your car vs have someone drive your car

There are many options to ship your car. But in this particular post, we’ll dive into the reasons why it’s better to ship your car versus have someone drive your car. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. However, you’ll want to see if these are the proper recommendations for your particular situation.

What’s driveaway service?

It’s a service where you hire someone to drive your car for you; shippers typically use it to transport RV’s and buses.

Why would some people choose driveaway service?

Some shippers prefer a service that transports their vehicles in a short amount of time; even if that involves exposing them to the weather conditions along the way.

This might also be beneficial for the driver if they are looking forward to an adventure, want to get the feel of driving another car or need to get to a place while making extra cash. It’s a business that involves communication and deep trust from both the shipper and the driver.

So why wouldn’t others choose it and prefer car shipping?

There are some caveats that need to be discussed. First, the vehicle is going to be exposed to everything. This includes the weather, the road, and hidden costs which can include maintenance for tires, oil, fluids, belts, hoses, etc.

Second, driveaway drivers are not necessarily professionals. The general requirements to become one are to have a driver’s license in which the driver resides, a clean driving history, and insurance coverage. It is absolutely common for this service to be as formal or informal as it can get. Some people are willing to do it for free; they already find value in driving a vehicle that’s not theirs across the country. But bear in mind that money is also a motivation to maintain one’s professionalism.

Third, it’s quite difficult to not be aware of how important climate change has become as the days pass by. Transportation does play its role in pollution, there’s no doubt about that. But as much as big corporations are taking the initiative to contribute to a solution, we still have all options available. A good practice of global citizenship would be to bring awareness to our decisions. How? By seeing which one contributes less to the main issue we’re trying to counter.

What are the benefits to ship your car vs driveaway service?

Shipping your car with a car transport company has multiple benefits.

First, you get to save on car miles, gas and reduce the wear and tear of the engine.

Second, getting help from the car shipping company for the logistics of the transport itself makes the experience easier for the shipper. You’ll have a team working with you to ensure a more pleasant transport experience; they have knowledge of the transport industry to help select the appropriate carrier assigned to do the job for you!

With that in mind, if you’re working with a great and reputable transport company, they will make sure that the company has coverage during the transport. They will walk you through the process from start to finish and mediate for you so that all the paperwork is done. This is the peace of mind you need.

Third, carriers normally transport many vehicles at once. This will make the transport of the vehicle relatively less expensive, especially if you’re looking for driveaway service from a transport company. You’ll want to take into account that they may charge you for extra expenses that the driver may incur such as hotels and food (in addition to the transport).

Moreover, if you’re planning to drive it yourself, consider this: being miles away from home and stranded is not the ideal situation that you would envision as the cross country car trip. Leaving that to professionals is the best way to handle it.

What will you choose?

An auto driveaway company may be a solution if you’re looking for a considerably personalized and time-efficient option. Nonetheless, part of the peace of mind you’ll obtain by working with a transport company is knowing that they have the experience to care for your vehicle while being the most eco-friendly option you have available.

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