Is your transport broker misleading you? 13 reasons why your car shipping cost affected

Is your transport broker misleading you? 13 reasons why your car shipping cost affected

Let’s admit it, transport brokers have this negative reputation of taking people’s money, right?

It’s all over Reddit, Facebook, and other forums… but is it really true?

Well, we’ll let you decide on that one.

But first, we’ll like to present the 13 reasons why your car shipping cost could be affected.

1. They severely underpriced your quote

Shady brokers will underprice you just to book your car transport. Come the time for transport they will either ask you for more money or they’ll disappear.

This will result in you having to book with another company. There are reputable companies out there that will explain why the price didn’t work and will give you a price that is market-related.

2. Your vehicle transport has to be rescheduled

If a driver has been assigned to pick up your vehicle, and the pickup contact did not make themselves available, the driver may charge a dry-run fee or a rescheduling fee. The same can be said for delivery.

3. You have tight and specific time frames

We get it, you’re looking for car transport to work around your needs and a good broker should care about that!

If you have specific time frames or transport restrictions, expedited services can be provided at a higher rate.

4. Your location is not attractive to drivers

If it’s not common for drivers to pass through your pickup or delivery locations, they’ll have to de route; more mileage = more gas and time.

5. Last-minute ‘updates’ that affect the Car shipping cost  (inop, modifications, items in the vehicle)

Important details such as needing to jump-start the vehicle(s), no keys, inoperable vehicle(s), modifications, and items in the vehicle that are left out because of forgetfulness or to get a car shipping for a cheaper price will affect your experience.

If the driver is not able to take it, you might end up paying a rescheduling fee.

It’s always best to avoid this so that we can confirm these details with the carriers and drivers.

6. If you add or remove a vehicle to your transport

If your broker confirmed car transport for your order which includes more than one vehicle and then for whatever reason you have to add or remove a vehicle, it will affect car shipping cost.

Adding vehicles generally results in a discount.

7. Your vehicle is coming out of an auction

Because of the recent changes with the laws in the transport industry, it’s important to take into consideration that drivers have less flexibility with their time management.

That being said, when a carrier goes to pick up a vehicle from an auction, it is more time consuming and requires more labor rather than picking up from a residence and dealership.

8. You have pending fees on the vehicle that you did not pay

This is definitely something that cannot be bypassed. If there are fees on the vehicle, and if the driver is able to pay them (which is a very nice gesture), they’ll need to be reimbursed.

9. Seasonal rates

Rates change throughout the year. Why? Because of the climate and the demand for drivers.

There’s a slim chance that what you paid for six months ago will be the same today. Supply and demand; when there’s a high demand for drivers, the price goes up, which is something to remember when booking a car transport 

10. The prices have changed

Since May 18, 2018, gas prices have increased and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon (see graphic below)

Graph of prices of diesel, gasoline & crude oil between 2010-2018_API_AutoStar_prices_have-changed-auto_transport

If you’re a bit more curious, here’s a visual graph just of the taxes for gasoline and diesel in the US that the American Petroleum Institute (API) created.

Map of the US of Gas taxes in July 2018; reason why the price of your car transport is affected Map of the US of Diesel taxes in July 2018; reason why the price of your car transport is affected

As a result car shipping cost has increased because of both, the gas prices and the lack of flexibility that they have with their time.

11. Team drivers will be doing the vehicle shipping

This is actually a benefit more than anything. When there are team drivers, there’s more efficiency, attention to detail, more communication between the driver and the dispatcher, and faster delivery.

It may not always be an option but it’s definitely a benefit for all parties involved.

12. Were you asked to provide the correct dimensions?

Carriers will charge more for the size of the vehicle. Why? Because it takes up more space.

As they say in the transport business, the bigger the load, the bigger the price.

13. Your quote may be old

Since you’re aware of some of the reasons why the industry has changed, prices are subject to change.

That being said, your quote for your car shipping may need to be updated with the current rates and you’re more than welcomed to ask why.

Ultimately, just as any other generalization, there are a group of people who’ve had not-so-pleasant experiences with brokers, and that sucks! But does that mean that there’s no point in the service itself? Not at all.

That’s why it’s best to know about the possibilities to understand why the car shipping cost could be affected.

So if you’ve got any questions about the reasons previously mentioned, feel free to contact us.