Different Modes of Car Transportation

Different Modes of Car Transportation

Are you considering moving to a new city, a place or town? Or, is it time to have some time out, away from the routine rituals, you may be thinking of some easy ways to get your car to the place where you are/will be.

Well, there are plenty of options available to you when it comes to vehicle transport. Let’s check out a few….

5 Modes of Car Transportation

  • Land Car Transport(Trucks/Trains)
  • Air Car Transport
  • Car Transport via Ship/Vessel
  • Drive Away Service
  • Drive it yourself

The most common method that people use for car transport island transport via open car carrier or enclosed carrier which shipping companies use to carry your car.

Some people choose to transport their car by air to another country. It’s a way more expensive method that is used to send high-end, luxury cars.

Cars are transported all across the world through ships as well. Your car is loaded onto a freight ship and carried to the destination across the ponds.

Drive Away Service is one choice that helps you with your car transport. As the name suggests it is a kind of service in which you hire a driver who drives your car to the destination.

……and then the old fashioned long excursion trips across the states when you drive your car while enjoying the journey, the scenic views, and stopovers in the exotic places.

Let’s dig deeper into various options and see which ones suit you the best.

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Land Car Transportation

Land car transfer

It is considered to be the most used method of shipping a vehicle. You might have noticed heavy multi-wheeled carriers carrying so many cars moving on the roads in the United States.

It’s easy and usually fast depending upon the shipping company you hire. There are some great car carriers, and there are some carriers with not-so-good names in the auto-shipping market.


  • Ease/Convenience. ( A phone call to the company usually gets the job done)
  • Protection( No wear and tear/ miles added/ breaks down or accidents)
  • Insurance(You can claim damage if there’s any during the shipping process)
  • Cost-Effective(You can choose the kind of carrier and there are plenty of options available)
  • Time-Saving (You can spend your time on the more important stuff. The company handles paperwork, pick-up, and drop-off)
  • Multiple car transfer (You can transfer a number of cars on one go)


  • Late Delivery (Shippers wait for the carrier to get full)
  • Damage can occur (gas leakage/worn brakes, bad road conditions, etc.)

Train Car Transportation

There are also train lines running in the United States which can transport your car efficiently. It is cheaper than road transfer.

The issue with the train transfer is the location. If you live close to the train terminal, it’s easy to access. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a local car hauler to take it to the train terminal or receive your vehicle from where it is delivered.


  • Enclosed carrier/Open-carrier option available
  • They have insurance by the law.
  • Ship the whole bulk at a cheaper price.
  • It’s a well-managed system.


  • You need to haul your car to the terminal.
  • Not available on some routes

Air Car Transportair transport is one of the Mode of Car Transportation

Air Car Transport sounds like the quickest method of transporting a car, yet like other procedures mentioned above, it also comes with merits and demerits.


  • Great for an expensive and rare car
  • Quick delivery
  • Overseas shipping



  • It can sometimes take as much time as a land transfer via truck/carrier.
  • Can be extraordinarily expensive, sometimes more than the vehicle itself.


Transport Via Shipship transfer

Transporting your car via ship also carries it’s up and downsides.


  • Multiple cars can go in one ship
  • It’s safe.


  • It is slower than the other modes
  • Routes and terminals are fixed
  • There are port duties/taxes involved
  • Tracking is hard during transportation

What is ‘Drive Away’ Service

A drive away service is when you hire a car mover and they arrange a trained driver to physically drive your car. That individual will drive your car to the destination. Drive away is not a common practice that people adopt for certain reasons, and is usually reserved for RV’s, large trucks, etc.


  • It’s faster
  • Door to door service
  • Transport your personal stuff
  • Lower cost


  • Can be more expensive than in a truck
  • Wear and tear happens
  • Multiple car transfer costs more as more drivers are involved.


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Drive It Yourself

That sounds pretty exciting when you have planned for it already.

In a different case, you might consider it to have it transported; such as relocation, moving, a car event, etc.


  • It’s exciting for short distances
  • Independence of stopping over for food, snacks, etc.
  • Beautiful scenery comes along the way


  • You might not find great food along the way
  • Roadkill- seeing dead animal scenes on the road can be disturbing for some people.
  • Weather/ natural occurrences are unpredictable
  • Accidents can happen due to heavy traffic and large vehicles like high-speed carriers
  • Darker Roads( Some roads are deserted and not safe for driving)

Car Transport Modes (At a Glance)

Land TransportAir TransportSea TransportDrive Away ServiceDrive it yourself
Convenient/Affordable by most peopleFaster and high-class serviceAlmost as expensive as the truck serviceExciting a funSlower movement
Carrier-types availableGreat to transport expensive carsCarries in bulkWear and tear involvedNot too expensive
Good for long distances/overseas transportRoadkill/dangers involved



As Land car transport is the most popular means of Auto-transport that a maximum number of people use in the United States. The reason behind this is the convenience in pricing and quotes. It varies with seasons and time. This fluctuation is the prices allow you to choose when the rates are comparatively lower (usually high season time when most people travel around).

Car shipping companies facilitate you with open and enclosed carriers, door to door service and you can keep a track of your vehicle online.

There are lots of car movers all across the country who offer different pricing/quotes.

  • Trains are also available on certain lines in the country as well when you need to ship your vehicle to a place. It’s only terminal to terminal service which might not be convenient for you if you live a little further from the pick-up point.
  • In case you own a luxury or classic vehicle that you wish to transfer, an auto-transport company can make it possible for you. Air transportation offers high class, quality services.
  • Car transportation via ship is popular amongst the big car companies which ship their branded cars to overseas countries in bulk. It’s comparatively slow-moving yet it is 100% safe from road ricks and overwhelming expenses which is the case in air transportation.
  • Drive Away services are comparatively cheaper than the trailer/carriers. It involves wear and tear, plus you’ve got to pay for the driver’s hotel stay, food, etc. The drivers are usually trained and experienced, yet some people happen to be possessive about their vehicles. They choose not to have someone drive their car.
  • Driving your car to the destination could be exhausting if the travel is long distance. It’s great for shorter distances. Driving to faraway places can invite unwanted elements such as bad weather, rough road conditions, the darker deserted road that makes you vulnerable to danger.

Shipping your vehicle through a car mover by land on an open/enclosed vessel is far safer, hassle-free, and affordable, and it offers a bunch of choices for the people to choose from.

Your car and you are companions. That’s why your safety and the safety of your vehicle is number one. To make your search ask friends, acquaintances, or call AutoStar Transport Express directly at 888-802-8250.

You’ll find so much info regarding your car transport.

Take notes while you do a thorough search and make comparisons of all kinds, from prices to facilities, time, insurance, and more. Reading online reviews help greatly as well.

Check for the legitimacy of the shipping company online.

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