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How to choose the right transport company?

How to choose the right transport company?

If you just requested information for shipping a vehicle, you will undoubtedly be presented with a varied range of prices from varying companies, all with similar names to carry out a simple, singular job.

Why do prices vary so much, what are the differences between the different companies, and how can you select the best transport company?

By shedding some light on the topic you will hopefully be able to approach the next transport with more precision when it comes to choosing the perfect price and company.

Step 1: Request quotes to receive transportation prices

We brokers do not decide on the price it takes to move your vehicle. The initial quote is decided on by the driver. If the broker offers the driver too little they simply won’t earn enough to make it worth their while to transport your vehicle, and they won’t accept to take on your transportation request. Put yourself in the driver’s position, a higher rate will give the driver more comfort on a journey that takes at times several weeks to complete. Therefore they will prioritize the transportation of vehicles based on the prices they are offered.  The second part is a reservation deposit which is decided by the broker. Between $175 and $225 should be expected as a deposit fee. Simply ask your broker what the deposit fee is.

Step 2: Compare prices and get rid of dubious quotes

By knowing those prices, and the breakdown, you can start to compare quotes. It is probably safe to say that when receiving (for arguments sake) 10 quotes, at least 3 of the lowest (and these will be notably lower than average) should be gotten rid of simply because you risk going into business with someone who cannot uphold their end of the agreement. These low ball quotes are about as useful for transporting your vehicle as whatever else pops up in your spam folder.

Step 3: Check the online reviews to compare quality

The 7 that remain should be examined on which is one of the biggest websites in comparing prices and quality of US transportation companies and brokers. It offers you the opportunity to read quickly through customer reviews and experiences. With this information, you will be able to eliminate probably another 2 options.

Step 4: Contact the remaining companies to discuss the timeframe

The prices of the remaining companies will probably have a $100-$150 difference. The next step is to contact the company and discuss the timeframe. The more time you allow for the pick-up and drop off of your vehicle, the lower the price will be. So it is very well possible that the cheapest option takes the most time, and the most expensive option will get the transportation done much quicker. Contact your agent and explain your timeframe. Listen to the sincerity of their response; whether you believe that they believe that they can move your vehicle in the timeframe that you need. If they’re honest they will probably explain that to be on the safe side your final price should be x amount but with more flexibility they can probably shave off y amount. Either way they are just relaying information from drivers, and the final price you agree upon will decide the quality, speed and accuracy of your whole transport process. The more you pay, the sooner you will receive your confirmation and subsequent pick up. The less you pay, the more drawn out and frustrating the whole process might become.

Step 5: Select your vehicle transportation company

There isn’t a lot we can guarantee in the transport industry, however if you choose fast food prices, we can guarantee that your transport will be anything but. Make sure you select a company that you feel is trustworthy, that explains you the prices and the timeframes involved, and that isn’t afraid to commit to that.

In case you still have additional questions, our customer service team is here to help.  Don’t hesitate to contact us on (888) 802 8250  or request a quote

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