How Long Does Hawaii Car Shipping Take?

How long does hawaii car shipping take

Shipping a car to Hawaii can be an exciting part of your move or adventure, but it’s essential to understand the process and timelines involved. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of car shipping to Hawaii, including estimated car shipping times, important considerations, and helpful resources.

Key Highlights

  • Estimated Shipping Time: 8-19 days, with potential delays for pre-departure preparation or exceeding a quarter tank of gas.
  • Door-to-Port Time Varies: This can take up to 5-6 days depending on origin and distance.
  • Neighbor Island Delivery: Adds 6 days to Honolulu shipping time for Hilo, Kahului, Nawiliwili, and Kona.


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Hawaii Car Shipping

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car to Hawaii?

The process for shipping a car to Hawaii isn’t long at all. In general, Hawaii car transport takes anywhere between 8 and 19 days. The use of a reputable, experienced car shipping company will ensure that a car arrives on time.

Many experienced cars car transporters offer high-priority services such as tracked vehicle delivery and expected shipping. Such services give your car a top priority. Consider these whenever you have a tight deadline. You’ll get your car as soon as possible.

Hawaii Car Transport Schedule

The following is a complete schedule for shipping cars to and from Hawaii.

West Bound Hawaii – Mainland to Hawaii
Port Cut Off Sailing Transmit Time*
OAK Monday 2 pm Thursday-DKI 11-13(HON)/ 17-19(NI)
OAK Monday 2 pm Thursday-LUR 10-12(HON)/ 17-19(NI)
LAX Tuesday 4 pm Saturday- LUR/DKI 10-12(HON)/ 17-19(NI)
SEA Thursday 4 pm Saturday- MWI/MHI 11-13(HON)/ 16-18(NI)
East Bound Hawaii – Hawaii to Mainland
Port Cut Off Sailing Transmit Time*
Honolulu to West Coast
HON-LAX Tuesday 3 pm Friday-DKI/ Saturday-LUR 10-12 days
HON-OAK Tuesday 3 pm Thursday-LUR/ Friday-DIR 7-10 days
HON-SEA Wednesday 3 pm MHI/MWI 8-9 days
Neighbor Islands to West Coast
HIL-LAX Tuesday 10:30 am Saturday (LUR Only) 12-14 or 19-21 days
HIL-OAK Tuesday 10:30 am Thursday-LUR/ Friday-DKI 17-19 days
HIL-SEA Tuesday 10:30 am Sunday 12-13 days
KAH-LAX Friday 2:30 pm (Storage M-W) Friday-DKI/ Saturday-LUR 17-19 days
KAH-OAK Friday 2:30 pm (Storage M-W) Thursday-LUR/ Friday-DKI 14-17 days
KAH-SEA Friday 2:30 pm (Storage M-W) Sunday 17-18 days
NAW-LAX Thursday 11:00 am Friday-DKI/ Saturday-LUR 18-20 days
NAW-OAK Thursday 11:00 am Thursday-LUR/ Friday-DKI 15-18 days
NAW-SEA Thursday 11:00 am Sunday (following) 17-19 days
West Bound Guam / Saipan
Port Cut Off Sailing Transit Time*
LAX-GUM Friday 4 pm Wednesday 14-16 days
OAK-GUM Tuesday 2 pm Friday (LUR/DKI) 19-21 days
SEA-GUM Thursday 4 pm Saturday (MWI/MHI) 25-27 days
HON-GUM Wednesday 3 pm Wednesday 7-9 days
East Bound Guam / Saipan
Port Cut Off Sailing Transit Time*
Gum-LAX Wednesday 4 pm Wednesday 18-20 days
Gum-OAK Wednesday 4 pm Wednesday 34-36 days
Gum-SEA Wednesday 4 pm Wednesday 35-37 days
Gum-HON Wednesday 4 pm Wednesday 27-29 days


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Delays Can Prolong the Process

Make sure you are aware of the requirements to ship your vehicle.

  • Ensure the vehicle is empty and the gas is under a quarter tank. Does the tank exceed 1/4? Be prepared for delays.
  • Items in vehicles must be set aside beforehand or disposed of. Otherwise, there will be a surcharge from the shipping line; a fee will need to be paid before the vehicle boarding the shipping container.
  • While your vehicle doesn’t need to be free of dents or accidents, the glass should not be cracked or broken.
  • Hanging parts on the car is not allowed. If there are broken parts on your car, the carrier won’t take it to the port. This could lead to the vehicle being rejected.

You will need to address those issues before the vehicle leaves, which will take more time.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car to Hawaii

Car Shipping Time From Door To Port Is Hard To Estimate

Door-to-port pickups vary the most in time. A vehicle coming from the northeast will take longer than one coming from nearby western states.

A carrier typically travels no more than 500 miles per day when taking your vehicle to the port.

Take a look at the time it takes to ship a car from NY to Hawaii

Let’s take a vehicle from New York to Honolulu. It would take about three weeks to get there. Just getting to the port would take about 5-6 days.

After that, the vessel is likely to stay for a couple more days at the port. Since the sailing date is an estimate. Sail dates are scheduled during the time the vehicle will be there

Once loaded, it will take about 12 days to reach Honolulu for pickup. Add up to 6 more days to Hilo, Kahului, Nawiliwili, and Kona.

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While shipping a car to Hawaii involves additional steps compared to mainland car transportation, the process is generally straightforward. By familiarizing yourself with the estimated timeframes, potential delays, and necessary preparations, you can ensure a smooth and efficient car shipping experience. Remember, the information provided here is for general guidance, and contacting a reputable car shipping company for a personalized quote and specific details is always recommended.

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