How do we determine the price of your transport?

How do we determine the price of your transport?

Pricing your vehicle is one of the most important parts of getting your car shipped on time and at the best possible rate.

This is a commonly misunderstood step. Meaning: it is common belief that a given quote is solely based on what that particular company is charging to ship the vehicle(s) to the location provided. But there is more to it! 

The 5 factors determining the shipment price

However, transport brokers apply the charges that are required by drivers, taking into account many factors that affect the route pricing;

  1. Vehicle classification
  2. Distance and route
  3. Popularity of route
  4. Terrain accessibility
  5. Urgency of pick up and delivery

1) Classifying your vehicle properly is extremely important in getting an accurate quote. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel the truck will burn resulting in higher expenses. Drivers need to know the vehicle class in order to calculate an acceptable load.

2) Distance is an obvious factor but another aspect we have to weigh in is the direction. Routes closely hugging major highways and popular routes will always come out cheaper. Anywhere north of Boston for example will have a high dollar per mile price tag.

3) Any well-established company can tell you about trends on a particular route.

i.e: In the Fall and Winter we observe an high great increase in people coming out of the North (East Coast) traveling south, we call them the Snow Birds, meaning that prices can be unstable. In this case there are more customers waiting to ship than there are drivers.

4) Many companies always aim for a one truck, door to door transport that is tracked throughout the trip. Sometimes, for example, locations aren’t directly accessible and drivers may need client assistance to take delivery of the vehicle to avoid unsafe spaces for our large trucks.

5) Trying to negotiate a given quote and attempting to lower the final price can sometimes lead to a delay in finding a carrier. That’s why I urge future customers to ask why the final quote was given at that price. This leads me to the time scale. The more urgent the pick up, the higher the quote as that particular customer must be placed on top of the list above all other possible vehicles to pick up.

These are all the factors, we, as transport coordinators have to take into account when receiving a brand new quote request from a customer. Sometimes it’s an art AND a science!

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How do we determine the price of your transport?

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