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Can I book a return trip?

Yes, of course! We just need to keep in mind that prices are subject to change if you are setting your return date for more than a few weeks in the future. Our Transport Coordinators can give you personalized guidance if you write in or give us a call.

Can you pick up/deliver from/to…

  • Military bases
    Getting clearance can be near impossible, we will get as close as the base will let us
  • Airports
    No for two reasons 1.) Near impossible to get clearance 2.) Legally we work in windows of days, not hours, and nobody wants to hang around an airport more than a couple of hours.
  • Dealerships
    Sure!  Just make sure we have the VIN number and hours of operation.
  • Ports
    Sure!  We just need to know if we need a TWIC card or not, your booking number and the hours of operation.
  • Body shops
    Sure!  We just need to know the license plate and/or VIN and the hours of operation.
  • Auctions
    Sure!  We just need the VIN, hours of operation, Buyer Number and Lot Number

Where will you pick it up and drop it off?

We provide a door to door service as long our trucks can physically reach your desired location.  If for whatever reason our driver can’t get to your door (low-hanging branches, weight restrictions, etc.), our he/she will liaise with your directly to figure out a convenient meeting point, such as a grocery store parking lot.

How long will it take? (to get it picked up, to get from A to B)

Most of our vehicles are picked up within the first few days of their availability!  The best thing to do is go over the details of your particular transport with our staff who can advise you on what to expect for your route and your vehicle. Also, have a look at our Service Area and Travel Times for ideas about trip length.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We love to work with about a week’s lead time, but we can start looking today if your vehicle is ready to go!

Is my vehicle insured? Will it be safe?

Damages are very rare during transport, but we believe in being safe and not sorry.  We only work with carriers that are fully insured with Zero Dollar Deductibles for our clients.  The Insurance belongs to your particular carrier Company and we keep copies of the policy on file for your protection.

No Extra Fees:  each and every one of our carriers is fully insured, which means full-coverage insurance with a zero dollar deductible for you is included in each of our quotes for no extra cost.

The AutoStar Difference: we take protecting you one step further than many Brokers out there by requesting to be made Certificate Holders with the select carriers with whom we work.  This allows us to assist in starting a claim on your behalf and shows our commitment to you!

Can I put things in the vehicle?

The official answer according to the FMCSA and the D.O.T. is “no.”  However, common practice is to allow between 50-100 lbs in the trunk or out the line sight.  This is really at the discretion of your carrier, though, as they risk hefty fines and lengthy inspections for carrying anything but motor vehicles.

Is there any special paperwork necessary? (license, ownership…)

If you are transporting within the continental U.S. from residence to residence… NO!  You do not need to show your license, title, registration or anything else.

If you are transporting internationally, we will inform you which is the paperwork needed, according to the country of delivery.

Do I need to be present when you pick up and/deliver my vehicle?

YOU don’t need to be there, but we strongly recommend that someone of your choosing is present to hand over the keys and sign off on the Bill of Lading (inspection report) with the driver upon pickup and delivery.