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When can I cancel?

If the order is cancelled before that first (1st) available date, or before the end of the 5 business days, the deposit is non-refundable. Otherwise, you are eligible for a full refund of your deposit. Confusing? Click here to read more or call us and we’ll be happy to help and explain.

Do you offer any discounts?

We ALWAYS get the best price possible that is fair for the customer and the carrier, for those in the emergency services, returning customers and people moving multiple vehicles take a look at our discounts page.

Can you guarantee a delivery date?

No!  Legally, nobody can. We will give you the carrier’s projected schedule and then keep you updated along the way

Can you guarantee a pick up date?

No!  Legally, nobody can. We will give you the carrier’s projected schedule and then keep you updated along the way.

Payment Options

• Credit Card + C.O.D. – this is the most common option; reserve your space with a credit card and then pay your driver directly upon delivery with Cash, Certified Check or Money Order • All on a Credit Card – if you’d like to pay your total on a credit card, we can arrange that, too!  We then have to wire the carrier Pay to the driver, so this option does incur a 5% fee. • Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, PayPal – we are all about making your life easier, so we can also arrange any of these options… just talk to your coordinator and we will work it out!

How can I pay? (when do I pay?)

Your Quote is made up of two equally important parts: the Deposit which reserves your place on the carrier and the carrier Pay which covers all of the carrier’s costs.
We separate ourselves from the pack by only charging your Deposit once either a.) We have already assigned a carrier to your transport b.) You have returned your signed contract which protects you with our Money Back Guarantee.

How much will it cost?

The auto transport industry comes down to supply and demand for trucks and fuel prices, along with the size of your vehicle and commonality of your locations.  We have our finger on the pulse of the transport world so that each and every quote we send out has been put together by one of our real, live experts who knows how to read the market and offer a good, fair deal to both our Client and our partner carrier… this ensures that our vehicles get on the road in good time and with a quality transporter. For more information about how we evaluate the cost of your journey please check our blog entry on how we determine your price.

How long are the quotes valid for?

Our quotes are valid for 2 weeks. This is because the market rates can change drastically either for or against our favour on certain routes. Check with your transport coordinator for the correct current price.

Why am I receiving a range of quotes?

Our quote is based on current market rates to move your car on your route. If you are shopping around, you will always receive a range of prices to move your vehicle. It’s helpful to understand a bit about why this happens: A broker works with two customers – you and the carrier. Whilst you obviously want the lowest price possible, a carrier with a space on his truck is looking to make the most he can to fill that space, so will always choose the Conversely, if you really need your vehicle moved quickly or around specific dates, you will need to pay more. Our quote is set at a price that we are confident will move your vehicle in a reasonable timeframe. If you are relaxed about your timescale we can very often save you money and get you a good deal, so let us know.