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Help! Why won’t my driver pickup/deliver my car to my door?

Help! Why won’t my driver pickup/deliver my car to my door?

You spoke to a transport coordinator and they said they got everything to setup your car transport.

They got a carrier who’s insured, reliable, for a good price and with door to door shipping.

But wait…

What does door to door service mean?

This means that the driver is able to pickup and deliver at the locations you requested.

But think about it: The US is so varied that not all locations are going to be easily accessible!

Yes, we like to promote door to door service because truthfully the majority of the transports allows our drivers that kind of access.

You might be asking:

When is door to door service not available?

Considering that drivers have to be careful with the other loads they have, drivers need to be aware of the locations they cannot enter. Some of these locations have:

  • narrow streets
  • trees with low-hanging branches
  • strict weight restrictions
  • mountainous terrains
  • cul de sacs where drivers cannot turn around

Specific areas:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Aspen, CO

It’s important to know that, due to local government regulations, larger trucks may not be allowed in certain metropolitan areas. However, no matter the pickup or delivery location, door to door is always possible with local towing.

The drivers we prefer to work with understand this and still try to work with the customers’ needs as best as possible. They know that our relationship with you and the quality of their service is what keeps the game going.

If you have any questions about your locations, just give us a call! We’ll add some wisdom to the answers that you’re looking for.

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