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How do we determine the price of your transport?

How do we determine the price of your transport?

Price… one of the most influential factors we all consider when making a decision right before committing to getting your vehicle shipped.

Pricing the transport is tricky and that’s something most car shippers know but hesitate to admit…

But there’s a simple truth behind it:

The pricing depends on many factors. This service requires team effort and not having consistent variables at all times creates infrequent glitches that we have to work with.

Since we’d like to be more transparent with our team (yes, that includes you!), we’ll give you the details as to what determines the price of your transport:

Vehicle classification

Determining the type of vehicle is important for drivers to know what they are working with so that they can do their math with the space that they have when they are arranging their routes.

Distance and route

Drivers choose where they go and choose their vehicles accordingly. Pricing becomes easier when the locations are attractive for drivers to go to because they are near major highways and popular routes.

Popularity of the route

Popular routes are usually price friendly and with a lot of carriers willing to transport your vehicle. If your route happens not to be popular, carriers think twice about going there and estimate their price according to how far out it is from their current route.

Terrain accessibility

Our drivers do the best they can to get closer to your location. However, they are not willing to risk their loads. Instead, they’ll   But if they see that they are risking the other vehicles they’re transporting by getting closer to your location (whether it’s pickup or delivery), then they prefer to arrange a point where they can meet up with the customer.

This usually happens when they consider that there’s not enough space to unload or to prevent any damage the vehicles they’re transporting.

Urgency of pick up and delivery

If you’re looking for a quick pickup and delivery, this would be considered express delivery since you are receiving priority. As a result, drivers will work with your specific timeframes and price it accordingly.

These are the main factors that our coordinators consistently evaluate when pricing your transport. If you’re still curious about your pricing, check out the 13 reasons why your price is affected.

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