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How do you know if you found the best transport coordinator?

How do you know if you found the best transport coordinator?

You’ve weaved through many options to select a coordinator from a car shipping company to work with. It might have taken a handful of calls and time to share your details but maybe you’re still feeling apprehensive. Is it because of all the options available? Are you just feeling a bit paranoid? Or do you not have the right clues that confirm you’ve made the best decision possible? Either way, they already gave you the main details of your shipping experience. But how do you know you are working with a reliable transport coordinator from the right car shipping company?

Here are four good indicators you can use the next time you talk to them to determine if you found the best transport coordinator for you:

1. They are always willing to answer your call even for the silliest questions

Whether you’re new to this car transport experience or not, you should get a feeling of empathy. Beware, this is something difficult to distinguish; many will seem nice when you’re looking to book the service. However, if their attitude changes and you start receiving haughty comments that make you feel like your next question is just a nuisance to them, be cautious. The differentiator is when consistent empathy is felt throughout all the conversations with your transport coordinator.

2. A reliable transport coordinator match their words with their actions

Whether a transport deal has been arranged or not, you will still hear back from that coordinator (or their team). These particular updates could be either through a text, phone call, or email. You don’t have to be best friends but they do have to give you the feeling that they want to connect with you. Nobody likes it when someone throws a smoke bomb and vanishes into thin air. Therefore, unless you have requested them to only contact you once your coordinator has new news, this contact should be done consistently.

3. They’re honest about their options available even when it’s not exactly what you want to hear.

Good business aligns with good morals, and that means keeping your needs present. This is embodied when your transport coordinator provides the options that are best suited for you, even if your first choice is not available. But the idea is to give you something to work with. It’s important to point out that the service provided in this industry is one that really tries to pull through and safely transport your vehicles amidst the uncertainty of weather and road conditions, especially if it’s a lengthy route.

Hence, reliability becomes more visible when conversations and understanding become the foundation of the relationship with your transport coordinator.

4. They understand your exit strategy in case things don’t come out as planned.

It’s clear that there is competition in just about every industry, and this is no exception. So, if your coordinator can acknowledge that, they are generally trying to provide you with a reputable service. How? They’ll mention what they have available for you and if they are limited, they won’t have any issues explaining the details on canceling an order, refunds, etc. Remember, it’s your job to confirm that by reading those terms and conditions and asking them questions if you have any doubts.

I’m glad you were able to read through these tips. And as a bonus, here’s one that you might not want to overlook:

5. Trust your gut

If you’re still getting the feeling that you didn’t find the best transport coordinator and you haven’t signed the contract yet, you might want to trust your gut. This takes self-awareness to understand when something doesn’t feel right. Having good standards when picking the person/company you’ll work with will definitely help; don’t just focus on the price they give you because it’s the lowest! Numbers are the common-language of capital, but the experience during the process is the real value.

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