Top Car Auctions in Anchorage Alaska – Buying a Car in Alaska

Top car auctions in anchorage alaska

A lot of people consider buying a used car in Alaska but don’t want to buy a stolen car. How can I be sure the seller isn’t cheating me? Is buying from a private seller safe? I will discuss all things related to purchasing a car in this article, from the top Alaska auto auction to useful tips on buying a used car in Alaska.


Key Highlights

  • Buying a used car in Alaska, Auctions vs. private sellers & top Anchorage auctions.
  • Consider attending in-person auctions (Copart, Dealers Auto Auction) or online ones (Copart) but be prepared for “as-is” purchases and potential hidden costs.
  • Private sellers may offer lower prices but lack dealer warranties and financing options.


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Is Buying from a Private Seller Safe?

If you’re looking to buy a used car in Alaska, buying from a private seller could be less expensive than buying from an Alaska car auction – but it comes with some risks.

But you’ll also have to deal with all the paperwork associated with a private sale. Furthermore, you won’t have access to dealer financing or other protections that consumers can obtain when purchasing a car from an auction. A private car sale, for example, may not come with a warranty, depending on the terms of the agreement.

 Best 5 Car Auctions in Anchorage

The Best Car Auctions in Anchorage Alaska

Here is a list of the most highly-rated Car Auctions in Anchorage Alaska

    1. Copart: The Copart car auctions are held every Tuesday at 12 pm noon. Anchorage hosts these auctions. Auctions take place online as well. The easiest, safest, and most convenient way to sell your cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, boats, and RVs.
      Pro Tip: We recommend reading this comprehensive Copart review if are looking to buy your next car with Copart.
    2. Vito’s Auto Sales – Vito’s Auto Sales offers a wide selection of vehicles, including Jeep, Kia, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, and more. They have a 4.6 rating on Google with over 3 hundred reviews.
    3. Payless Car Sales –  Payless Car Sales specializes in the sale of cars, SUVs, Trucks, and other vehicles. With over 900 reviews, they have the best rating in Alaska with a 4.8-star rating.


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  1. Dealers Auto Auction of Alaska – Dealers Auto Auction of Alaska holds several car auctions each year. Anchorage hosts these auctions. Many of their auctions only allow dealers to bid, but they do hold public auctions sometimes.
  2. Aurora Towing Auctions – Aurora Towing Auctions are held weekly in Anchorage. Due to the fact that these auctions are cash-only, make sure you bring the amount of cash you plan to spend since checks and credit cards will not be accepted.

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Advice for Buying a Car at a Car Auction

If you are planning to participate in a car auction, you should know a few things first:

  • Know that there is a cost beyond the price – Cars that are auctioned are almost always sold “as is”, which means they won’t be covered if something goes wrong after you buy them nor can you reclaim any money that you spent on them. Buying an auction car means hundreds or even thousands of dollars in maintenance next.
  • Have someone knowledgeable with you – If you are not an expert in cars, you should really bring someone who is. Besides knowing which models to buy, they will also know how much to charge. You would be wise to have your car inspected by a professional since it will ultimately save you time and money.
  • Learn the history – Carfax can be accessed on your smartphone so you can check the vehicle history. This is something we highly recommend.
  • Never bid an even amount – Most people make the mistake of bidding on an even amount, such as $500. If you bid $501 instead of $500, you will be able to outbid those who have also bid $500 without incurring any significant additional costs.
  • Consider shipping your car to Alaska –  Alaska state is one of the most wildly popular tourist destinations in the world, if you are a tourist and looking to buy a car in Alaska, Remember  It is always possible to ship a car to Alaska from the lower 48 states. This way you will not have to spend as much money on buying a car in Alaska.


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Final Thoughts

Purchasing a car can be a long, costly, and frustrating process. However, when you are prepared and you know what to do, the experience will be an enjoyable one. This method will also help you save money.
Don’t forget that you can always choose car shipping or car transport instead of purchasing one. Just give us a call at 907-931-7550 right now.



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