Top 15 Advantages of Car Transport

Top 15 Advantages of Car Transport

Hiring a car transport company can benefit you in multiple ways. First, it is pain-free. Car movers (most of them) are highly skilled and professional individuals with years of car shipping experience. They take care of everything for your vehicle transfer.

Here is a run-down list of some of the advantages of car transportation.

You Can Focus On Important Tasks

When you hire an auto transport company, you get peace of mind. You can focus on the other important tasks at hand rather than engaging in driving your car to a far destination. They will pick the most suitable carrier for you and assign them to do the job. Company team members will keep assisting you through the process minimizing the paperwork and other tasks saving you time and energy.

Let The Shipper Plan For You

When we imagine going on a long-distance trip in your car it initially seems like a fabulous idea. You think about where you can stop and see places, take some photos, and simply enjoy the journey. However, long-distance driving can also come along with a bit of anxiety.

If you stop and think about just some of the potential road trip hassles like insane traffic, limited hotel availability, where to get gas, finding good food choices, etc. Worst of all, what if you break down somewhere?

Using a shipping company can mitigate all these concerns and makes all the arrangements necessary to help you ship your car to the new destination easy-peasy. Check out more on why it is better to ship a car vs drive your own.

It Saves Time

Save time by shipping your car

In life we are always rushed, and as the old saying goes “you cannot save time you can only spend it wisely.” So instead of driving for hours a day and maybe even for days in a row on a very long trip, just let a vehicle transporter take all that drive time off your hands.

It’s very convenient to hire a car shipping company to do it for you. It’s as easy as selecting a preferred date, and we’ll take it from there”. Then the shipper company will arrange a date they expect to deliver the car to you. You just relax and spend your time doing something more fun or important than driving ugh!

You’ll Put Fewer Miles on Your Car

First, driving long distances will cause wear and tear on the vehicle, plus it will add extra miles on the odometer. This can also result in costly maintenance and will decrease the resale value of the car. That is why choosing a car shipping company vs driving is a wise choice. No added miles, headaches, or trips to a costly car mechanic.

It’s Safe For You And The Family

Sitting in the driver’s seat for hours and hours can cause you extreme exhaustion, backache, or bad soreness which can kill the fun of ‘Being’ at the destination. Potential dangers are always around when on the road; weather can get foul, accidents, roadblocks, etc.

You don’t want yourself and your family in any such scenario. Let the shipper company take care of that. It is much safer for you and your family. You will appreciate the peace of mind you get.

It Saves Moneysave your money by transport your car

You might think it must be expensive to hire a car shipping company. That is not actually true. If you do simple napkin math and calculate the expenses you pay in just hotel stays, food on the road, and gas, you will find that it comes out as similar or maybe even more expensive than a transporting company.

In fact, as another old saying goes “time is money” and you will save a lot more money by spending your time doing something else besides sitting behind the wheel for hours.

It Saves Insurance Costs

Car insurance rates vary with the number of miles you drive each year. The longer the distance, you need to drive your car the more the premium could increase. Not to mention, that even a small road accident can cost you even more. Having your car shipped eliminates all such factors. It does not affect your current car insurance rates.

Additionally, any reputable car transport company will provide insurance coverage, so you do not have to use your policy. The company’s truck drivers examine your car before and after delivery to check if any damage has occurred. If so, it will not cost you, which is a big plus!

Door-to-Door Hassle-Free Shipping

How amazing is it to have your car picked up and dropped off where you want it? A truck driver gets as close as possible to your place, picks up your vehicle, and drops it off at the destination in a similar fashion. In almost all cases this is your doorstep, which is why it is often called “door-to-door auto shipping”.

Trust and Skill

Great car transport companies pick only those drivers who have vast experience in the field of car shipping. They pass through background checks and have many years in this business. They know their job well and they make sure your car is delivered to the destination on time.

Move Multiple Vehicles in one Batch

One of the main benefits of car transportation services is the fact that Most shippers usually book many cars in one go, which means the car shipping cost gets reduced by dividing the cost among all the cars being delivered. Driving your own car or hiring a Drive Away company will definitely cost you more when you will pay for night stays food and other stuff on top of the transport fee.

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Protection From Natural Elements

Natural elements such as rain, snow, falling debris, pebbles, rocks, and stick can damage your vehicle. Most car shippers offer open and enclosed carriers. You can choose to get an enclosed vehicle that protects your car from all kinds of outside elements. In an open vehicle, while it is exposed to so many potential dangers that may occur during the journey it is minimized due to the fact it sits higher off the road.

No Chance of Burglary/Vandalism

It is less likely for your car to get vandalized or stolen during the transfer. Driving your car to a far destination gets you more vulnerable to burglary and vandalism.

No Cost of Maintenance/Repair

Driving your car for a long distance will require you to leave it with the mechanic for some time for getting it tuned, oil change, and general maintenance which definitely costs you. By getting your vehicle shipped with a car mover, you do not need to worry about that.

Transfer a High-end, Luxury Car 

You do not want to take any risks when it comes to the car on which you have spent a fortune. Car shipping companies provide your car with luxury transport facilities. You receive your baby (car) safe and sound when you reach the destination.


Many car shipping companies offer discounts in certain seasons or on certain routes. This can save a lot of money during the busy seasons or on busy routes.

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In brief, your car is a valuable possession for you. Its safety is a big concern for you when you decide to transfer it to another spot. Car movers are well-equipped and trained folks who you can trust.

Remember to inquire about important things before making a booking with the auto-transporter. Ask about the paperwork involved, how much time it takes to ship, check out the price vs the quality of service, and make a decision that suits your taste.

Ask for the company’s registration number and verify it through the government website. Read online reviews for more clarity on the services and behavior of the companies.

Having your car shipped by a shipping company is safe, tension-free, and convenient for you. It saves time, and energy and you can focus on the more important task instead.

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