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    Auto transport salt lake city utah

    Top Rated Auto Transport Salt Lake City Experts

    The capital and largest city of Utah, Salt Lake City also serves as the workplace for Salt Lake County, which is the state’s most populous county. The city will have 199,723 residents in 2020, making it the largest city in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. If you want to see everything that Salt Lake City has to offer, you’ll need to get around in a car or other type of vehicle because it’s a city with interesting and refreshing spots to visit with your family.

    AutoStar Transport Express is a reliable auto transport company that is sure to satisfy you through amazing and flexible services. Committed to providing quality and professional car shipping service in Salt Lake City, we provide industry-leading customer service by using state-of-the-art tools and providing fine and easy quotes.

    With our door-to-door car shipping service, you can ship your car, motorcycle, large truck, SUV, or anything else to any location in the USA. We ship hundreds of vehicles every month to and from Salt Lake City. Get an auto shipping quote or give us a call at 888-802-8250. Our auto transport in Salt Lake City is personalized and fast.

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      Why Do People Choose Us For Salt Lake City Car Shipping?

      We have been shipping cars from Salt Lake City to other states for more than 16 years.

      • Top-Ranked car shipping: We have 3500+ 5-star ratings from our satisfied customers on 6 major review platforms for car transport. We are licensed and bonded with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
      • Every transport is fully insured: Your vehicle is protected from pick-up to delivery by the carrier’s insurance policy. We use verified and insured carriers from our network.
      • No Down Payment: Before a carrier is assigned, there won’t be any fees. Take advantage of our transport service right away with no upfront costs!
      • Tracking of Vehicle: Every step of the Salt Lake City car delivery process is trackable and updated by our car shipping specialists. Visit our tracking a vehicle in transit page for more information.
      • Customizable Auto Transport: Our committed shipping expert collaborates with you to offer an auto transportation service that satisfies your specifications and your budget. Let our shipping professionals know what you need, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

      Call us: 888-802-8250

      How to Ship a Car to or from Salt Lake City with
      AutoStar Transport Express?

      In 3 steps, your vehicle will be at your side.

      1. Book Your Order & Get a Quote- Get a Salt Lake City car shipping quote and book your vehicle shipment by calling 888-802-8250. Live Chat is also available! We have car shipping experts ready to walk you through your quote and explain the shipping process.
      2. Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport– Follow these vehicle shipping preparation steps to prepare your car to or from Salt Lake City for transport.
      3. Pickup And Delivery Service- After scheduling a pick-up date and preparing your vehicle for Salt Lake City car shipping, our team will allocate a carrier to pick up your vehicle from your home.

      Please make sure that the carrier can reach your door as legally and safely as possible. If the carrier cannot reach your front door, he might ask you to meet him at a nearby location. The best Salt Lake City auto transport company, AutoStar Transport Express, will move your vehicle quickly, safely, and effortlessly across the states or internationally.

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      Do it with AutoStar Transport Express

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      Types of Vehicles We Transport to or From Salt Lake City

      Serving Salt Lake City and the surrounding area with pride is what we do at AutoStar Transport Express, whether you are migrating to Salt Lake City for a job or for visiting the city’s amazing outdoor activities. No matter the kind of vehicle you need to move including trucks, cars, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, tanks, luxury cars, vintage or classic cars, heavy construction equipment, trailers, and non-operational vehicles, you can count on our professional drivers to provide quick, secure, and efficient service.

      You can get an instant quote for your special car shipping needs by calling 888-802-8250.

      Salt lake city auto transport

      Call us: 888-802-8250

      Classic and Vintage Salt Lake City Auto Transport


      Are you looking for a professional Salt Lake City classic car shipping company?

      ship a car to or from salt lake city
      Vintage And Luxury Car Shipping


      You can trust that our team will always move your car in a safe and secure manner. All you have to do after placing your order with us is take a seat and relax a little while we take care of the rest. Enclosed carriers are typically advised when transporting vintage or classic cars.

      Due to its limited carrying capacity, enclosed auto transport is typically more expensive. Enclosed car carriers, as opposed to open car carriers, offer additional security and weather protection.

      For more information on our classic car shipping service to or from Salt Lake City, get in touch with one of our helpful customer service representatives right away.


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        Documents Required for Salt Lake City
        Car Shipping

        The process to ship a car to or from Salt Lake City is simple and easy. No further paperwork is required. However, you should apply for an out-of-state vehicle permit if you’re only going to be there temporarily.

        If you plan to stay forever in Salt Lake City and you’ll establish residency, you must register your car within 20 days with Salt Lake City  DMV.

        salt lake city auto transport

        Here are the various types of paperwork needed to ship a car to  or from Salt Lake City:

        • A duplicate of the bill of lading’s front, back, and title.
        • You will require a Lien Holder Authorization letter, photo identification, or a copy of the driver’s license if your vehicle is financed or leased.
        • State of registration and licensed plate.
        • If the registered owner is not present, another person may deliver or pick up the vehicle with permission from the registered owner provided they have a notarized power of attorney letter.
        • The affirmation must be accompanied by an original Corporate Resolution letter if the vehicle is one that the company has claimed.

          Call us: 888-802-8250

        Estimated Cost and Time To Ship a Car
        To or From Salt Lake City

        The distance your vehicle needs to travel to or from Salt Lake City will have the biggest impact on the price. Car shipping cost is based on a number of factors. The car’s size, weight, and any special shipping requirements are additional variables that may influence shipping costs (e.g., insurance, etc.).

        Open transport is the cheapest, but it is also the most dangerous option. However, if you want your vehicle packaged in a shipping container and you want special treatment, you’ll have to pay more. You can use our calculator to get a better-estimated price to ship a car to or from Salt Lake City. Remember that the actual shipping situation may result in a final cost that is either higher or lower than the estimate.


        Salt Lake City Car Shipping Estimated Costs and Times

        Transit To / FromDistance in MilesEstimated Cost in $Estimated Time
        Salt Lake City To Boise345$ 2681 - 2 days
        Salt Lake City To Denver521$ 4151 - 2 days
        Salt Lake City To Mexico685$ 5482 - 4 days
        Springfield To Salt Lake City1171$ 7803 - 4 days
        Montgomery To Salt Lake City1527$ 12483 - 5 days
        Raleigh To Salt Lake City1825$ 15304 - 6 days
        Boston To Salt Lake City2093$ 17434 - 6 days
        Salt Lake City To Honolulu2992$ 21505 - 7 days

        The rates and times are estimated for mid-sized sedans and could change depending on fuel prices and vehicle type.

        You can get a free and instant quote to ship a car to or from Salt Lake City by using our online quote calculator.

        Ready to ship your car to Salt Lake City with AutoStar Transport Express?

        Call our Salt Lake City car transport professionals at 888-802-8250 to get answers to all your questions.
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        Our Options for Salt Lake City Auto Transport

        Our only goal is to satisfy our clients. We offer a one-stop solution in auto transport in Salt Lake City.

        • We provide door-to-door pickup and delivery.
        • We provide Open Auto Transportation. Compared to enclosed auto transport, open auto transport is a safe, popular, and cost-effective alternative.
        • We also offer enclosed Auto Transportation. As expensive or low-clearance cars usually require enclosed transport. Enclosed car transport service costs about 40% more than an open carrier. Despite being more expensive, this is the safest and fastest method.

        To ensure that your vehicle is safely delivered and in good condition, we offer you the best auto transportation advice. While making your transportation job successful, our team works round-the-clock to ensure your peace of mind. Experience stress-free auto shipping with us and see how much we care about your satisfaction.

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          Customers’ Feedback for AutoStar Transport Express

          Salt Lake City

          Check out what our customers have to say about AutoStar Transport Express.

          Salt Lake City Car Shipping: FAQs

          How long does it take to ship my car?

          It depends on how far it is going, the time of year, and the exact route. Auto shipping can take as little as a day or two and as long as a few weeks. At times, harsh weather conditions and difficult road conditions may affect delivery times.

          Is someone required to be present during pick-up and delivery?

          Yes, it is necessary to have someone present to release and accept the vehicle as well as give the driver the keys and sign the reports of the initial and final inspections. It can be anyone over 18 who you trust to release or accept your vehicle.

          Can I pay the full transport cost with my credit card?

          Yes, the full cost of transportation can be paid with a credit card. When making a reservation, you have the option of paying in full online or over the phone with a shipping agent, if you prefer. You have the choice to use a credit or debit card to conveniently make a one-time payment with this option. Additionally, you have the choice of making a credit card deposit and paying the remaining balance in cash when the order is delivered.

          How can I track my vehicle during car transport in Salt Lake City?

          Once you schedule your shipment, you will receive a unique booking number that will allow you to track the status of your shipment online.

          What is door-to-door pickup and delivery Service?

          As long as it is possible, the assigned carrier will pick up and deliver your vehicle to the addresses you mentioned. Of course, if there are transport restrictions or security challenges the transport will work with you to arrange a convenient pickup and delivery location.

          How do I Prepare my Car for Salt Lake City Auto Transport??

          Following your car shipping Salt Lake City booking, all that remains is to prepare your vehicle for smooth transport. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

          • Make sure your car is clean inside and out, so you can check for dents, dings, and scratches.
          • Take pictures and record any damage.
          • Personal belongings except factory hardware won’t be accepted.
          • Check your car’s fluids, inflate the tires, and ensure the battery is fully charged before it’s delivered to Salt Lake City.
          • Make sure all loose parts of the vehicle are removed and secured, including the GPS, car charger, DVD player, and stereo.
          • During transport, you can have one-quarter (1/4) tank of fuel in your car.

          Here is a detailed guide on preparing your car for Salt Lake City car shipping.

          Get more detailed FAQs for car transport in Salt Lake City.